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  1. Low-level question I'm sure: I have a long batch file that I run every month which just copies a ton of files. I need it to play a sound file when it finishes (since it takes a good half-hour or so to run). Emsisoft doesn't like the final line, which simply opens the .midi file. The message says the batch file has changed. First, is there a way to make (only) that file immune from this monitoring? Second, on several occasions I've been certain the batch file has *not* changed but Emsisoft still says it has (and won't play the sound file until I answer its rule query). Why is that? Is it j
  2. EIS 2016 on Win 10 Pro. Just finished reading the emailed 'Tips' article about PUPs and was eager to confirm I had PUP detection enabled, but I don't see a setting for it. A commenter on the article posted the same question & was furnished an answer but the thread itself is 3 years old and didn't apply to my system. Is PUP detection simply always on now, or included in a more broadly named checkbox? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm running Emsisoft Internet Security (2016) licensed for 2 machines (an Asus laptop and a Dell desktop), both Windows 10 64bit. No other AV is installed on the laptop. MalwareBytes and HitmanPro are installed on the desktop but not routinely running. Can't be sure of the exact version number but the Help file implies it's 11.0. (License was purchased March 2016.) Both PCs asked to restart yesterday for the Emsisoft update. I restarted the laptop and it gave me the failed startup error, offering Restart Again or Advanced Options. I restarted, got the same choices, chose Advanced Options w
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