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  1. I've received the logs and passed them to the devs. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. It might be a server issue then. We'd need the debug logs in order to investigate the issue. I will drop you a PM with instructions on how to collect them.
  3. Hi Chris, What OS do you have on the client endpoints you're trying to deploy on? Is this error happening on all client hosts or only on specific ones?
  4. In this case, we'd need to grab the logs and see what's happening on your server host. I'll drop you a PM with instructions on how to collect them.
  5. I think that the autoupdate to EEC 2017.9.1 solved the issue reported by onbox. You could eventually try to install the new build published on the website over the existing one and see if it makes any difference wrto the server service startup.
  6. Good news! Let us know if you run into further issues.
  7. Hi, It's good that the policy settings were transferred in the end to EAM. Usually, when there are changes performed in the policies, you have the option to sync them manually by hitting the sync button from the top panel, or you can wait around a minute and the system will sync them automatically. About the first error, is it reproducible on a consistent basis? If yes, can you please collect the logs and drop them to me into a PM? Cheers, Dana
  8. Hi, It looks that you have an issue with the database backup/restore process. The dev team needs the logs and eventually the backup databases in order to be able to pinpoint the problem, so can you please send them to me in a PM? If you have issues with respect to that process, let me know and I will get back to you with a PM containing instructions on how to collect the logs. Best regards, Dana
  9. That's great news! Thank you for your feedback, it's good to know that the fixes are working. Best regards, Dana
  10. Hi Richard, We are aware about these disconnects and we've added this month a potential cure for these annoying issues. We are going to release in a few days (around September 1st) a new EEC version which should fix part of the disconnection issues we're currently having. I'd suggest you to wait a few more days until you switch to the new EEC version. If the disconnects still pop up after that, we'd probably need a set of debug logs so that the dev team can investigate this thoroughly. Best regards, Dana
  11. Ok, cool, it's good that the issue is solved! Cheers, Dana
  12. Hi, Typically, these issues occur when there are issues with permission rights, the installer is not accessible (typically because of the network hiccups) or simply there is not enough space on the server host (EAM installer uses around 270 MB). 2% means that download has been started, so we can assume that the permissions are just fine. If you still have enough space on the server (so we can cut out this reason), my advice would be to try to restart Emsisoft Enterprise Console Server Service. If you're still having download issues after restarting the server, let me know and we'll go from there. Best regards, Dana
  13. Hi grzegorz, Is there any error you see when the client attempts to connect to EEC? Best regards, Dana
  14. Indeed, we had these sort of issues on the previous EEC version (2017.6.0.3099). What I suggest you is to download the latest stable version we've released the last week (2017.7.0.3153) and install it over your current version. The new install won't affect any of your existing settings. If the issue still persists, let me know and we'll go from there. Best regards, Dana
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