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  1. Hi, If you install EEC on a domain computer, the network scanner will display all the computers from that domain. If you install EEC on a workgroup computer, network scanner will display all the workgroup computers that the server host is able to ping. EEC does not support yet scanning IP ranges, so unfortunately the only workaround for now is to add the domain computers manually into the console. Best regards, Dana
  2. Hi, I do have previous versions of EEC but we recommend using the latest versions that contain the latest bug fixes and enhancements. Can you also check if there is any error logged in the system event logs (Control Panel > Administrative tools > View event logs > Applications and Services logs > Emsisoft Enterprise Console Events), and if yes, send me a PM with the errors you see?
  3. Hi locatex, It looks like your EEC Server service has starting issues. Can you check its status in System Services (Emsisoft Enterprise Console Server Service), eventually restart it and see if it makes any difference?
  4. Hi keenlogic, We are aware that we do have couple of performance issues and we're trying to fix them as soon as we can. It would be great though if you could help us into this direction, and send us the logs so that we can investigate them. Can you please send me the logs database (C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\Db\a2eLogs.db3) via a PM, so that I can fwd it to the dev team? Best regards, Dana
  5. Hi keenlogic, Deleting a2econfig.db3 should not affect computer/user groups and policies. It will restore though to the defaults the following: - everything that is included in Settings > Options section (Online update frequency, Console password, Email settings, Proxy and Update proxy settings, Database settings, Logging option) - the items included in Settings > Deployment section (Client installer update frequency, deployment credentials) - if you have custom client views created, they will be deleted - if you have custom reports created, they will be deleted too Licenses and notifications will be preserved.
  6. @keenlogic, you can try to do the following: 1. Stop EEC Server service 2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\db folder and delete (or rename) a2eConfig.db3 database 3. Start EEC Server service Once the server starts, you should be able to set up a new admin password. Best regards, Dana
  7. @JoeP, From your screenshot, it looks that the EAM client you're attempting to add to EEC is already connected to another console instance. If you want to connect the client to a new console, you'd need to do the following: 1. Disconnect EAM from the previous console, either from EEC UI (if the client is listed as connected), or by running Disconnect_EAM_from_EEC.bat script (on the client host) 2. In EEC, create a light package for the client (before that, make sure that when you've added the WORKGROUP client to the EEC console sitting in a domain, the domain flag was NOT checked for the WORKGROUP computer) 3. Copy the package on the client host and execute the batch file with admin privileges. Let me know if that works. If not, we can eventually schedule a Team Viewer meeting and see what's happening on your environment. Cheers, Dana
  8. In this case, EAM will not get connected to EEC. Simply renaming the *.dat file is not enough, client-server connection is based on an exchange of certificates and authorization tokens. In order to be able to connect EAM client to EEC, you need the *.dat file that was created for that specific client.
  9. Ok, so it seems that EAM is installed correctly in this case. Can you try to create a light package from EEC (User guide - paragraph 5.5 - Connecting client to server by applying a light installation package), copy it on the client host and run Connect.bat script with admin privileges?
  10. Alright, thank you for the info. When attempting to deploy EAM on this particular host, are you using an Emsisoft Anti-Malware or an Emsisoft Anti-Malware for Server key? If you use a server key on a non-server client host and reverse, the deployment process won't complete due to the license that is considered invalid. If you go to the client host and open EAM, what is the first screen that you see? If you're still in the installation wizard, then you are in the situation described above. Once you fill in the right Anti-Malware for Server license key and complete the wizard, EAM should get connected to EEC. Let me know if that helps. Best regards, Dana
  11. Hi Joe, What OS do you have on the client machine (the file server from workgroup)? And also, which EEC\EAM version are you trying to deploy? Best regards, Dana
  12. Hi, ProgramData is typically a hidden system folder (if you cannot see it, you can either enable the option to view the hidden files and folders or you can just type in the path in explorer). The content of the folder should be something similar to the one displayed in the image below.
  13. Hi Elvis, Thank you for using Emsisoft Enterprise Console. The error needs to be investigated by the development team, so can you please enable the debug logs, rerun the deployment and then drop an email with the debug logs attached to [email protected]? In order to enable the debug logs, you need to: 1. Open Emsisoft Enterprise Console GUI client and go to Settings > Options. 2. Scroll down at the bottom of the page and check 'Enable debug log' option Once the debug logs are being enabled, you can retry Emsisoft Anti Malware deployment procedure on the client host. If you still get the error, please get the a2eConfig.db3 and a2eLogs.db3 databases from C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\db folder, create an archive and attach it to the email sent to support. Best regards, Dana
  14. Hi keenlogic, You can find the batch file in /server/Scripts directory from EEC installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\server\Scripts).
  15. Hi caretechit, The latest Emsisoft Enterprise Console version (2017.3) contains a new set of customer care policies that allow you to disable license expiration notifications, hide license key, disable purchase and renewal button, hide news area on overview screen. You can check the release notes at Cheers, Dana
  16. Hi John, Although it's been a while since the last reply on this thread, maybe you'll find useful the latest Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2017.3 version. It contains couple of fixes for the large log files and database backups - you can check the release notes here: Cheers, Dana