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  1. Thank you, Emsisoft team! I wish you success in you work! ​ ​ ​
  2. Thank you very much for your informative answer. It's a bit humorous situation. Actually I'm well aware of almost all the above mentioned methods and programs. Thank you for link to registry tweak I didn't know about them. I even can add to your list some programs like VoodooShield or NVT ERP, RollBack Rx or ToolWiz Time Freeze, Paragon (or Macrium) etc. The thing is that I want to create setup as minimalistic as it possible. Just having EIS properly tweaked. And the developer pushes me back to using me EIS in combos progs again. OK, no problem. Really thank you very much fo
  3. Hello! I've made separate Guest account for some people having access to my PC. I'd like to configure it so that a guest cannot change any configuration in EIS and cannot allow any program to start or make outbound Internet connection if I didn't make this permission myself. In "Advanced FW settings" I chose "Ask" for all options. Then I covered EIS with a password but anyway in the Guest account EIS asks if a program can go into the Internet and accepts decision of a user without asking a password. How can I implement a feature to silently block everything trying to run or go int
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