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  2. I uninstalled emsisoft,hitman pro alert. Then I reinstalled both emsisoft and hitman and I removed from start-up dropbox,itunes,java,steam and every services linked to them. I solved in this way.
  3. I think I solved. I deleted some process running on startup using taskmanager e msconfig. After some rebooting,My boot and reboot time is now lower than before,about 1 minutes from bios screen to desktop. If I got again the problem, I'll let you know. thanks
  4. thanks for the answer. here are the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hi guys, yesterday I upgraded my pc to anniversary build,but I realized that I gave some issue during the boot. If I reboot my pc, after windows logo I get a logo windows, if I click in it to access in login windows (to type my pin to login) i get a windows with charging for about 10-15 sec before I can type my pin. Sometimes i have to press ctrl+alt+canc to get login windows and type password because my pc freezes in charging windows. I tried to uninstall emsisoft ,doing a clean boot and i solved the problem. when i reinstalled emsisoft I get the same problem. any solutions? thanks sorry for my bad english