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  1. It just says detection ratio 0/54 when I input one of the high risk files, someone else is helping me by email aswell and wanted me to let you know not to provide conflicting support.
  2. Update: After manually going into the quarantine window and searching endlessly for the high risk files listed in the log I tried to manually quarantine them by adding them as files but it also redirected me to this forum to ask you guys for help because it cannot delete it.
  3. After running a malware scan on the freeware lisence, I pressed quarantine on the three high risk files and it says it's "processing selected files" however once the window disappears nothing happens, the high risk files don't move to the quarantine tab and deleting them just creates the same result "processing selected files" and nothing happening. Is there a limit to how many times the Freeware lisence can remove files or is this a bug? Here's a log Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 10.0 Last update: 2015-08-23 10:33:50 PM User account: ASUS\Chen Scan settings: Scan type: Malware
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