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  1. For other ransomware infections, other decryptors working well? Those able to restore file name and extension?
  2. Thank you! Which method should i use? It is not possible, that in some active files the code is still in? Besides i don't have decryptor anyway.
  3. Greeting! The Emsisoft Decrypter giving the message, that file successfully decrypted, but only i get: the same size, same randomized name file, as it was with .cerber extension, but without any extension or metadata. When i'm giving the guessed previously used extension, the files are still corrupted. As the Emsisoft Decrypter for Xorist during a process found a working key, does this means, that this is not .cerber, but Xorist infection? Is there a process to decrypt and restore extensions? In case of waiting, other decryptors will appear? Thank you!
  4. The .cerber encrypted files are sometimes much smaller than the original was in the same folder before.
  5. It can be, that my ransomware infection caused by Xorist ransomware, camouflaged as Cerber... The encrypted files have random 10 digit names and .cerber extension. The -Emisoft Decrypter for Xorist- found one working key after a short time of calculation, as Xorist using one key. The decrypter "successfully decrypted" other files too, but not recovering the original file name and extension. Plus: as advised and set by the program, it keeps the encrypted files too, which cause double space for unknown and still unuseable files. I need lot more disc space. If this is the solution, every single
  6. Greetings! My computer and hard discs are fully infected with Cerber version 1. I've stopped the process but the encrypted files needs to be decrypted. I have noticed strange behavoir before full infection, but as the ransomware disguised itself as chrome update or so, it was look alike, like microsoft forced or wrong update. I tried TrendMicro: Ransomware File Decryptor, but every time, during progress it closed itself, without any notice or effort on the files. How and when can i decrypt my files? Thank you! Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_160806-200124.txt
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