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  1. I also tried the nemucod decryptor. This would not open and kept giving the message 'no key found' when files were dragged to the nemucod_decryptor.exe icon Have tried to attach an encrypted and an original file to this email......but am not permitted to do so. Cheers
  2. HI All my docs were recently encrypted by ransomeware, I believe this is nemucod. All docs were encrypted as eg hire.doc.crypted, The ransomeware note was called DECRYPT.text. I have archived all the files and have them saved on the desktop of this laptop. The virus has been removed from the laptop I usually use, and a copy of the archived encrypted files are on my external hard drive. I would like to be able to decrypt the files that I have I have completed the scans you recommended and have attached the associated reports. Addition.txtEEK report.txtFRST.txt