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  1. i am trying to post on here and yes all the reports you asked for and the one for cobofix and down the bottom of here where it says attach tis file i do the browes and click attach and after awhile it sayed internet explorer cant find web page MODERATOR COMMENTS: Stop using the reply with quotes button. It adds completely unnecessary text to replies. use the "Add Reply" button towards the bottom of the page.
  2. ~WHOLE QUOTATION REMOVED {Lynx} have had trouble sending files on here where you attach this file down the bottom of here it sayes internet explorer cannot disply the webpage i have tryed 6 time to send you the files cant send anything
  3. ~WHOLE QUOTATION REMOVED {Lynx} nope want send
  4. i have been trying to put a copy of combofix and your site want take it i am getting to the stage where i cant do much with my computer takes ages to do anything i think i will have the computer all reenstalled nothing is working to fix it i think the only way to send you a copy of combo fix is to email it i will send this to you and give it one more try to send you a copy of combofix to you the computer is freezing all the time wont open things or it will open 3 or 4 of the same thing like internet explorer or close the lot at once cant handle it much longer havet got the paitence for it heather ~WHOLE QUOTATION REMOVED {Lynx}
  5. have done the combofix i have been trying to put it on here but down the bottom it says internet explorer cannot display the web page will try again later
  6. yes thats the one i downloaded it worked great but had trogens and fraud stuff in it i am haven trouble downloading that combo fix want load now i have 3 of them and thay want delete eihter now what do i do
  7. that sytsem restore is it when i downloaded error fix it does a backup file to system restore and thats when all the problem started and it kept coming up on avast scans but i couldent get to it to delete it i am haven a slow responce to openng anything like windows explorer out look express any program really when i did my first scan with a squared free it picked up error fix trases and the program said contact you to find out how to remove it mabe i should delete a squared and re enstall it .,it may take all the contents with the delete sometimes it is ok and other days cant do much with my computer spend most of the time scanning to get rid of things like this if i had of none what to do before you would have see it and maybe fixed it
  8. this is the deep scan nothing really on there
  9. i see thay both where on the last reply
  10. have added a squared hijack and isee youxp i am doing a new deep scan with a-squared i will add it when compleated i think asquared has picked it up in the first scan i did and quantined it i cant see it any where now in the scan iseeyouxp haven a bit of trouble adding things to this will send i seeyouxp in sepeate reply
  11. ~ INLINE LOG REMOVED {Lynx} is this what you wanted
  12. am doing a scan now with i seeyouxp will get back to you with that
  13. how do you run win32klog have had a look in that program not sure what you mean ~WHOLE QUOTATION REMOVED {Lynx}
  14. hope i have done this right have saved quaratine list and attached it here for you to see thanks for your pursistance with me hope this helps
  15. ~WHOLE QUOTATION without any comments REMOVED {Lynx}
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