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  1. Hi Nick, I usually install Software that don't come in bundle's, and install program's that have "Lite" or "Slim" programs. But I have download Winamp from filehippo from the past and install it, and OA has never flag Open Candy until a couple of day's ago. Then I found that Winamp Lite does not contain that Open Candy stuff. It just show that a lot of safe programs can contain some adware or ask toolbar stuff and can't really trust it even if you use that program before and OA did well to tell me the file is not safe and then to block the .dll file even if I was installing a safe, well known
  2. Hi Catprincess, Thank you for your help. I try sometime to raise this issue to BufferZone's forum as there help forum seems slow or pretty much dead, and I wonder if they had fix up the compatible issue between their program and OA as they release a new version about a couple of months ago I think. And one more question Cat, do you know if OA free HIPS protects the Registry from malware infections. And if OA free does not provide Registry protection, do you think some program like MJ Registry Watcher is useful together with OA free. But I got to say that I am not an expert on the Registr
  3. I just want to ask a couple of ques: Is the current Online Armor compatible with BufferZone Pro, cause I seen on their site saying the 2 are not compatible with one another but has anyone try the 2 programs together at the same time. I would like to try out BufferZone pro without uninstalling Online Armor. It would be nice if Emsisoft Online Armor developers can try it out and let be know if they are compatible or not. Second question, does Online Armor free have Host File Protection, to notify me if my host files are being tamper with. Thank You Zamba
  4. I search around some websites and found Winamp full version has a installer name Open Candy. I uninstalled Winamp full and found out Winamp Lite does not have Open Candy install in it, so I install Winamp Lite instead. Catprincess The screen shot of the pop up was in pink color and the message explained that the process could be dangerous and require the user to block this process so I clicked Block. I just got to say that Online Armor did a excellent job to pick up the Open Candy stuff and provide me a clear message to block this installer.
  5. I downloaded Winamp from Filehippo.com and as I was installing it OA HIPS pop up a message saying OCSetupHlp.dll from company: "Open Candy" is not safe and should be blocked. So I check mark "remember my decision" and then click "block" and it blocked the "Open Candy" temp file. So I google the file name and some sites said "Open Candy" is safe and some said it is low level adware. I was upset that the latest Winamp has some sort of hidden sneaky process that Online Armor did a very good job in notifying me in telling me to blocked it's .dll file. So my question is my PC safe from this "Op
  6. Hi I just found out about OA moved to a new forum and the new forum is hard to find or search on the web. But back to the topic. I look at OA history and it show "system, incoming ICMP access blocked" every time I restart the pc (not log online yet), and that happen on 27th Jan (2 days ago). Then today (29th Jan) when I load up my computer (not log online yet) I get a pop up message from OA saying something about "ICMP wants to access outgoing internet connections", its from "system" and the pop up was green colour and OA said it is safe to allow it. So I click allowed (with created rule).
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