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  1. I have received 2 phone calls regarding this issue. Is this legitimate?
  2. Toshiba Satellite E451, Windows 8.1, EAM Engine Version: Product Version: 2017.2.0.7219 EAM has not updated since 3/1/2017. I have shut down the PC 3 times and opened EAM to start an update. I have left it as long as 1 hour as it spins "initializing". All Windows Updates are installed. I'm currently running sfc /scannow I'll shut down and try again. Any help is appreciated as I have other clients using EAM as part of Kabuto managed antivirus, who also complain of EAM not updating. Thanks, G
  3. This issue is resolved. Thanks for your help. The following is an email from my (former) client. Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 7:56 PM Gerard, I know you don't have regular hours on Saturdays but perhaps you are aware of my activity in regard to Emsisoft today. I got really tired of not being able to do much on my computer because of not being fully protected so decided to switch to AVG. I was going to leave Emsisoft on too but got a message from AVG that it might not work to have two on. When I tried to delete Emsisoft it updated and I'm now fully protected. I was thinking about
  4. I'm on the phone with the client. Windows Defender is blocking the Emsisoft Diagnostic file when she tries to run it... Finally! Walked her through running the Diag file and sent the log to you via private message. I hoped that running the Diag file and rebooting would have fix the unable update issue. It did not. Did you receive the other Diag log file I sent earlier in a PM?
  5. I have not been able to meet with my original client. This is the Emsisoft Diag Log for one of my office PCs. It's not rebooted very often and when I sat down it reports that it hasn't updated for 5 days. Is there anything I can do other than reboot?
  6. Kabuto Managed AV Engine Version: Product Version: Real-time Protection Surf Protection License: Managed Can you tell me the path and filename of what you're looking for on this PC? Is there a way I can view/download this file from the Kabuto dashboard? No, I didn't run the "Emsisoft Diagnostic Batch File". I was not aware of it until now. Who pays for my time to test/troubleshoot/QA Emsisoft? Am I supposed to call all my clients up and spend 30-40 minutes in a remote
  7. I'm an PC Support guy with about 50 clients using Kabuto with Emsisoft as the managed antivirus. I deployed the product in May 2016. I previously used and sold Eset. Ever since switching over, to Emsisoft and supporting my users, I notice that Emsisoft doesn't want to update (or will not update). I try the usual troubleshooting steps and most times a reboot fixes the update issue. In the last 30-60 days though, I get lots of emails like this one: " Problem with updates to Emsisoft again It's telling me I'm partially protected again - last update 4 days ago. I'm getting tired of this. I
  8. I have a client PC (Windows 8.1 on Toshiba laptop) which is giving the same error: "An unexpected internal processing error has occurred. Please contact the support team." I've tried rebooting, changing the update source to Beta, Stable and Delayed. Anything else I can try to fix this error?
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