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  1. Ok so I was going to donw load some software and accidently clicked on an AD and it made a lot of problems here is my Forensic Text file if any one can look at it I did manage to delte all and now my scans are clean is there any other steps I need to do ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/vewxozepute8l2t/Forensics_180916-104323.txt?dl=0 I dislike this so much with these websites that full the download page with ads and u site for ever trying to figure out where is the correct download Button man O man many thanks
  2. I know all of that I was Just thinking safety first what i mean is anything to avoid playing on line and having Emsisoft Turned off thats all i was trying to do But i think it was on your mind the who time😂
  3. I also dont know but that is what is happening
  4. No I have it on that already The only way is to shut it down completely that way i can play for 2 hours no problem at all
  5. Yes they are all game trainers and some cracks for all my games if u must know
  6. Ok Need Help with this Bad Reputation Every thing I install goes to this Bad Reputation thing I don't even have a chance to say yes or NO Please help how can I get more Control of the Software without losing my Happiness😎 Please look here http://snap.ashampoo.com/wytRhS4hlYcdh2ftWUr1NJal1KNkFcW42KOC7lJjEmmmHra9GRZU3ZbwFpBlRyin Also would Like to add my Log File maybe some one can help me with this matter Forensics_180824-093149.txt
  7. Here is log file if you Like to take a fast look many thanks Log File
  8. Ok so I already have all my steam games in the EXCLUSION AND ALWAYS ADD THE TRAINER ALSO But this time it wont work until i shut down emsisoft completely (( witch i dont mind )) But im sure something is wrong http://snap.ashampoo.com/vfUhNKUzYIh8cdF14pcbZxWVXpEyuk6Kpss77iXWQ0VtC3o0LQAgjX4BHB15LXi3 http://snap.ashampoo.com/SRya9l3qqbUgBtXwfbPV6qxP3H222LHO7bO5mKN6mDeoW4f57vS2gKLCSh7OSg7r
  9. Just Looking at how many i had was kinda Shocking for me it looked like so many things running on there own with no reason but know it looks better from 150 to 86 ☺️
  10. Just a fast update I found this little trick and it helped me alot Look here https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/94628-change-split-threshold-svchost-exe-windows-10-a.html good luck
  11. OFF TOPIC is there any off topic forum i need some help with CMD Command ? thank you 🤔
  12. @GT500 Thank you so much as far as Driver boot i cant let it go its a payed version and I downloaded both (( free by Spybot Anti-Beacon and ShutUp10.)) I have used shutup before but never anti-beacon so i will try it out many thanks my friend
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