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  1. Thanks. I have been having problems still with the connection. I have triple checked the firewall rules on both the system and the network, and even tried turning the firewall completely off. I ran a network capture and I can see the GUI console and the server talking, but then after 1-2 seconds the server sends a reset packet and they start over. The server is running on an Azure VM with a public IP address running EEC version I also cannot get any Emsisoft A/M clients to connect to the server to receive configuration, which may be related (the ports are all open for that as well). Thanks.
  2. Is it possible to use the Enterprise Console GUI from one computer to manage an Enterprise Console Server on another? My EEC Server is running on a new installation of Windows Server 2012 and has the firewall rules enabled. I am also running the GUI on a Windows 10 desktop. When I try to connect, it says connecting indefinitely. I expect I am somehow doing something wrong, but am not sure what or if this is even really supported. Thanks, Landon