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  1. Firewall discussion

    Seems like every company is trying to improve their product some how. I think they know what they are doing. Almost everyone is behind a router today. If some of them have real logging, users would know all the junk being blocked. My problem is, are the combo boxes as effective as a separate router. Sorry, I lost a lot of trust with Microsoft utilities. I just got a laptop that came with McAfee for a year. Talk about no settings. Only day two so have to research.
  2. Many users are using a router today which is a great help. I used to tell everyone that I knew to get a router. Guess we have to wait and see how things work out. I have EIS on three computers and McAfee on a new Dell. Don't feel like I have much control with McAfee. Time will tell !
  3. Network Setup

    Trying to get a private network setup wired desktop and one or more laptops on wireless. Prefer to use a work group which I set up in System > Control Panel. Still much to set up,but do I have to set up a firewall allow rule. I think allow port 443 in/out. Just got my own Comcast network and been 4-5 years since last set up.,,,Forgot stuff. Tnx
  4. Optimize EIS for lower end systems?

    That cpu has "hyperthreading" so it acts as 4 threads. IE.. my desktops have a 4 core cpu with hyperthreading. Running SETI, it shows 8 threads. I think I have that correct !!!
  5. Report opens after scheduled scan

    In my RSS reader, Thanks
  6. Optimize EIS for lower end systems?

    Default. Some minor scan settings. Lower end in comparison to my 3.5 gig laptops ! When it died, I got an HP 650 pro with an ssd as my desktops have. I may have tried to replace the keyboard if I could get the thing open. I like new toys !!!
  7. Optimize EIS for lower end systems?

    Before it died, I was using this program on the same laptop. I did not have any problems with speed that I could tell.
  8. Report opens after scheduled scan

    Thanks for the explanation. Will wait for an update.
  9. Report opens after scheduled scan

    Good, I am not nuts ! Will have to wait for comments from the gurus
  10. On my desktops, get scan report opened after scan. I only have "report" checked in the scan settings. Just started to happen Version 2017.6.0.7681
  11. Reinstall the program to get the missing file back and start over.
  12. Tracker Software

    If you don't use PDF Exchange software (Tracker Software), you can delete that folder.
  13. Open dns has filtering if you are allowed to use it.
  14. EIS and Malwarebytes

    Since I have 2 lifetime licenses for MBAM I guess when my EIS licenses are up, I will go to another program. Unless some thing changes some where.