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  1. All depends if Google thinks extensions also cause a problem. Remember Google wants to know everything about you and control how you use the internet. That is the whole problem, no one knows what Google will do. I think including Google.
  2. I never used the HOSTS file but, maybe time to start ???
  3. Ken1943

    Preshutdown events in Event Viewer

    Found out long time ago that many event errors are timing related. Windows expects something should happen in a certain period of time and when it doesn't an error is generated. Unless I notice a possible problem, I no longer check the event log.
  4. One must learn to adjust to things. I see nothing wrong.
  5. Ken1943

    Emsisoft behaviour blocker problem with hwinfo64

    I just tested it with & without exclusion Win 10 1803. Definite lag closing & min around 2-3 sec. Excluding it no delay.
  6. I will use any other browser but Edge. To me it is worse than IE. Because fire fox has trouble rendering some sites, I switched to Chrome. Google spying ? I don't care as I don't have anything interesting to anyone else. Targeted ads ? they are stores I would go to anyway. There is a setting to stop the dns in Chrome.
  7. If you can get the iso on a flash stick, it may install ok. Been known since XP that Windows Update may read you computer wrong which will make any upgrade/update fail.
  8. Ken1943


    Had a problem with Win 10 1803 and did a repair install. That killed AM, upon reinstall, the install said my license expired. Not until 12/18. Anyone around to check license for me ? Got correct code, too many installs Please fix I also emailed sales with request.
  9. You might want to go check with File Explorer and remove all the leftover folders & files left behind. There are probably many entries in the Registry left behind. Could pass some time if you are bored and delete them, although they won't do any harm.
  10. Eicar detection not used for some time, too old. Mbam is not an anti-virus
  11. Ken1943

    CLOSED after update computer won't boot

    When Emsisoft dumped their firewall, I installed Comodo FW free on 4 Win 10 computers, One day later it was gone. Going back years, I would not install Comodo anything because it would not play nice with other programs. Maybe it has changed, but still not convinced.
  12. Ken1943

    Blocking Adobe Flash Install

    The latest that just came out Windows 10 Pro Nothing in the logs except something was blocked Only for firefox My other laptop updated ok so the false positive must have been corrected
  13. Blocking any software I want is one way of losing a customer > FAST Fix it
  14. Ken1943

    Drop in speed

    Appears Comcast had a problem. Speed up to normal after almost the whole day. Never had this type of problem before.
  15. Ken1943

    Drop in speed

    My problem is just with WiFi. Will dig deeper tomorrow.