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  1. Sounds interesting. Can I break anything "playing" with it ??
  2. Didn't look and I never keep logs because never have a problem with either programs. Two times in one day and no more problems. Happiness is Windows.
  3. Just noticed this thread and funny thing happened to me on 12/3. I had two blue screens that day. I got a 900 mb dump file, but never questioned about it. I also had a MBAM upgrade on the same day. The first Blue Screen was at 12:13 pm Mountain time. Nothing since.
  4. Got the stub which doesn't work. I just want to install over it.
  5. I activated this somehow. Can I remove this or is it ok to leave it ? A little confusing since my other three puters are not done this way. Thanks
  6. Wait for confirmation, but I believe it was removed for some reason.
  7. Typical today, change just for change. I guess programmers have nothing better to do and have to "show" some work.
  8. Thanks. I was using Zemana, but don't like their new version.
  9. Anyone have an opinion about adding OSArmour as a secondary/layered program ? Thanks
  10. Probably because it is not as pretty as the others. Since I don't build my puters anymore, I have gone to the main providers. What a pain getting rid of Norton, McAfee and I tried Bitdefender for two days. Back to Emsisoft. Also who cares ?
  11. Negative because I am not young anymore, I was trying to put Emsisoft on a new machine and somehow wound up on my.emsisoft site which confused the hell out of me. Hey when age goes up, brain goes down for some people. Just one more thing I don't want to put up with. Dummies because they put themselves in danger.
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