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  1. Then change to another product if you don't want to do something. Your choice !
  2. Since they are moving everyone to a 'work space', they are missing an email there. If you do what it says, the warnings will go away.
  3. They are in the process of switching everyone to a Work Space + it did not have my email. Don't get old, everything becomes new.
  4. My license is registered to a work space and it should not be. Please straighten it out or my renewel will be canceled !
  5. Got code, entered code and 'got invald session' Next time I will get a screen print
  6. I no longer have this problem. Was fixed yesterday afternoon.
  7. Others are complaining also. MS made a very bad change in latest update. I use Chrome as my main and had Edge as one of my backups. Don't know if MS will get my nasty email, but removed Edge shortcut from my desktop. I also have FireFox and WaterFox shortcuts.
  8. Thank you, I did the repair reinstall so will have to wait. I have been very lucky for years doing that. Fingers crossed !!!!
  9. Going to try my favorite universal fix, A repair reinstall from ISO
  10. Addition.txt FRST.txt Will change change power settings and wait. Win 10 only has Balanced power plan now, but set it to default although I only change sleep time.
  11. Just had another blue screen. I purchased WinZip and it worked better than 7zip.
  12. Just got another one Driver_IRQL_NOT Less or Equal. What is the file upload service you use ? The dmp file is only 2 mb ? there is another at 1 gig Having trouble with access I never use this stuff !!!!
  13. I believe this is the error 0x8000400000000002 I have so many errors because I killed one drive with gpedit ! I almost never look at the error logs because most are timing errors.
  14. Running Win 10 Pro Emsisoft version 2021.4.0.10785 Running Malwarebytes Everything is updated to latest version. I did get KB4023057 yesterday also, but haven't looked what it does. Which I will do now. Would not surprise me if it screwed something up. Can't fill in the times though.
  15. Dated 11/2/2020 is there a newer version ? I downloaded the installer MSI. Over the last month or two I got maybe three bluescreens. What is the story for the blue screens and do you have a fix ? I deleted the dmp file until the next time.
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