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  1. I run them together without any problems. I just use exclude settings in both.
  2. Scheduled Scan Hangs

    Did not hang today. Must be a Windows happening !
  3. Scheduled Scan Hangs

    OK. Here they are. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Scheduled Scan Hangs

    I also have Malwarebytes installed with both Emsisoft Folders excluded. Also changed the scan time from 9am to 9:15am incase there is an update going on.
  5. Scheduled Scan Hangs

    Second time this has happened. Malware scan. \Windows\System32\Drivers wudfrd.sys Sunday wof.sys Today Only way to get out of the scan is to reboot, stop and pause doesn't seem to work. Only on this HP laptop to make this more strange. Ideas ? Thanks I switch between two laptops and the DEll doesn't have this happen.
  6. Surf protection hosts file improvements

    I have read about a large host file causing problems in the past so never used the posted lists floating around. The very large ones may be over kill as many sites will never even be tried by most people. The only problem I can see is misdirects, referrers ? not sure of the word, which I know nothing about.
  7. Surf protection hosts file improvements

    Sounds interesting. Is there a 'howto' somewhere on how to use it ? I use Spywareblaster for 'bad' sites in IE 11 and Malwarebytes which has a 'bad' list.
  8. Black friday

    I have many days left on my subscription so not really interested. From past experience there is a good break on renewing.
  9. Black friday

    Good deal if you need it new. I think renewals have a better deal ?
  10. New version problem

    I don't have that happen
  11. Malwarebytes has a situation similar to this and a setting to not let it be recognized.
  12. Shows ok for me. Could this be another EU happening ?
  13. Disable usb scans

    I only use my usb sticks and drives. Is there a way to stop automatic scans ?
  14. Windows Firewall Control

    Ignore. I just remembered something about a security certificate being posted.
  15. Wonder if this is being looked into.