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  1. If you can get the iso on a flash stick, it may install ok. Been known since XP that Windows Update may read you computer wrong which will make any upgrade/update fail.
  2. Ken1943


    Had a problem with Win 10 1803 and did a repair install. That killed AM, upon reinstall, the install said my license expired. Not until 12/18. Anyone around to check license for me ? Got correct code, too many installs Please fix I also emailed sales with request.
  3. You might want to go check with File Explorer and remove all the leftover folders & files left behind. There are probably many entries in the Registry left behind. Could pass some time if you are bored and delete them, although they won't do any harm.
  4. Eicar detection not used for some time, too old. Mbam is not an anti-virus
  5. Ken1943

    CLOSED after update computer won't boot

    When Emsisoft dumped their firewall, I installed Comodo FW free on 4 Win 10 computers, One day later it was gone. Going back years, I would not install Comodo anything because it would not play nice with other programs. Maybe it has changed, but still not convinced.
  6. Blocking any software I want is one way of losing a customer > FAST Fix it
  7. Ken1943

    Blocking Adobe Flash Install

    The latest that just came out Windows 10 Pro Nothing in the logs except something was blocked Only for firefox My other laptop updated ok so the false positive must have been corrected
  8. Ken1943

    Drop in speed

    Just noticed today that my speed is down and just got 2018.3.0.8555. Malwarewarebytes updated 3 days ago. Rebooted modem and router. Have Comcast and was getting 150 mbs and now down to 125 mbs. I did try stopping each and rebooting which proved nothing. Unsure if I want to go through uninstalling each, one at a time. Noticed this on two laptops, wifi and still have to work with wired desktop. Still testing Has anyone else noticed a slowdown ?
  9. Ken1943

    Drop in speed

    Appears Comcast had a problem. Speed up to normal after almost the whole day. Never had this type of problem before.
  10. Ken1943

    Drop in speed

    My problem is just with WiFi. Will dig deeper tomorrow.
  11. Ken1943

    Drop in speed

    The drop caused me to post twice. Which never happened before. Usually when I post it goes right out.
  12. Ken1943

    About settings File Guard

    Why check file extensions that normally do not cause a problem ? It would speed up scans not to allow every file extension although with cpu speeds today, one may not notice any difference.
  13. I have a scan set for 10:00 am which works . It is 5:30 pm and it just did another scan. I don't really mind, but seems like a problem.
  14. In Chrome the setting is Settings > Advanced > Use prediction service. On by default turn off
  15. Do a search because there are ways to disable chrome "prefetch". I just found one and have no way to test it. I doubt if Chrome can bypass the dns programmed in your router or entered in the network settings.
  16. Ken1943

    Scheduled Scan Problem

    OK, still waiting for it to happen again. Could have been a fluke.
  17. Ken1943

    Scheduled Scan Problem

    I will pay more attention. I do not believe it skipped the 10 am scan.
  18. Ken1943


    What license center ?
  19. Ken1943

    access violation

    I can't say because I have some settings turned. One of the team should show up. I just said that as a starting point.
  20. Ken1943

    access violation

    Do did not include enough information. Was it running ok before ? I would download a new installation file and install over the old installation as a starting point.
  21. For me, just a pain the get to scan logs to make sure they are working on time and other information. This company looks like they have nothing better to do than "improve" how we do things or how your way is better. This is the reason why users dump products. From my working days, I never believed that the "customer is always right". Took time to work with them because they were not right. Customers that care usually comment on bad choices or you lose a them. Security programs are always changing & the customer is always looking for something 'better' or easier to use. Superantispyware turned into a cookie finder and I can't find my Norton loopback plugs anymore & Malwarebytes is still biting some customers, which is normal considering the junk out there. In other words, don't change a program because you think it is a better way to do something. It is UNDER THE HOOD THAT COUNTS.
  22. Ken1943

    Scan Hung Again

    This from puter #3 scan hung up. FRST run while happening. First time with a desktop. Other 2x were with laptops. Laptops have Malwarebytes, desktops have Zemana as secondary security. Usually happens on first boot of day and not all the time (of course !!) Security has cross exclusion of folders. FRST) Addition.txt.txt
  23. Ken1943

    Scan Hung Again

    Does the program do a startup scan or is it because of a scheduled scan that was missed ? I am trying to have less things happen at boot.
  24. Ken1943

    Scan Hung Again

    It happened on 3 different puters weeks apart and always on first boot of day, never with any other boot. Always stuck on a driver in \system32 that is why I got log file posted. All use a ssd. Since Anti-malware does a scan on boot, gets updates on boot along with other programs, it is a timing problem. I have changed scan schedules for now.
  25. Ken1943

    Scan Hung Again

    The usual hang is with a driver in \Windows\System32 did not note which driver was involved this time since every hang was a different driver. I am going to change scan settings in case one is scanning while another is updating. A drive would not cause this type of problem. This must be some sort of conflict which I will try to find. 3 different puters with different security programs and the only single program in common is Emisisoft anti-malware. I will find the problem on my own.