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  1. I no longer have this problem. Was fixed yesterday afternoon.
  2. Others are complaining also. MS made a very bad change in latest update. I use Chrome as my main and had Edge as one of my backups. Don't know if MS will get my nasty email, but removed Edge shortcut from my desktop. I also have FireFox and WaterFox shortcuts.
  3. Thank you, I did the repair reinstall so will have to wait. I have been very lucky for years doing that. Fingers crossed !!!!
  4. Going to try my favorite universal fix, A repair reinstall from ISO
  5. Addition.txt FRST.txt Will change change power settings and wait. Win 10 only has Balanced power plan now, but set it to default although I only change sleep time.
  6. Just had another blue screen. I purchased WinZip and it worked better than 7zip.
  7. Just got another one Driver_IRQL_NOT Less or Equal. What is the file upload service you use ? The dmp file is only 2 mb ? there is another at 1 gig Having trouble with access I never use this stuff !!!!
  8. I believe this is the error 0x8000400000000002 I have so many errors because I killed one drive with gpedit ! I almost never look at the error logs because most are timing errors.
  9. Running Win 10 Pro Emsisoft version 2021.4.0.10785 Running Malwarebytes Everything is updated to latest version. I did get KB4023057 yesterday also, but haven't looked what it does. Which I will do now. Would not surprise me if it screwed something up. Can't fill in the times though.
  10. Dated 11/2/2020 is there a newer version ? I downloaded the installer MSI. Over the last month or two I got maybe three bluescreens. What is the story for the blue screens and do you have a fix ? I deleted the dmp file until the next time.
  11. Sounds interesting. Can I break anything "playing" with it ??
  12. Didn't look and I never keep logs because never have a problem with either programs. Two times in one day and no more problems. Happiness is Windows.
  13. Just noticed this thread and funny thing happened to me on 12/3. I had two blue screens that day. I got a 900 mb dump file, but never questioned about it. I also had a MBAM upgrade on the same day. The first Blue Screen was at 12:13 pm Mountain time. Nothing since.
  14. Got the stub which doesn't work. I just want to install over it.
  15. I activated this somehow. Can I remove this or is it ok to leave it ? A little confusing since my other three puters are not done this way. Thanks
  16. Wait for confirmation, but I believe it was removed for some reason.
  17. Typical today, change just for change. I guess programmers have nothing better to do and have to "show" some work.
  18. Thanks. I was using Zemana, but don't like their new version.
  19. Anyone have an opinion about adding OSArmour as a secondary/layered program ? Thanks
  20. Probably because it is not as pretty as the others. Since I don't build my puters anymore, I have gone to the main providers. What a pain getting rid of Norton, McAfee and I tried Bitdefender for two days. Back to Emsisoft. Also who cares ?
  21. Negative because I am not young anymore, I was trying to put Emsisoft on a new machine and somehow wound up on my.emsisoft site which confused the hell out of me. Hey when age goes up, brain goes down for some people. Just one more thing I don't want to put up with. Dummies because they put themselves in danger.
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