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  1. Probably because it is not as pretty as the others. Since I don't build my puters anymore, I have gone to the main providers. What a pain getting rid of Norton, McAfee and I tried Bitdefender for two days. Back to Emsisoft. Also who cares ?
  2. Negative because I am not young anymore, I was trying to put Emsisoft on a new machine and somehow wound up on my.emsisoft site which confused the hell out of me. Hey when age goes up, brain goes down for some people. Just one more thing I don't want to put up with. Dummies because they put themselves in danger.
  3. That is too bad. Comcast has Norton for free. So why should I pay ? 2FA is for dummies
  4. Ok, if 2FA can't be gone, I will be. Too bad, been happy with Emsisoft.
  5. Installing on a new machine and have no idea why I wound up at my.emsisoft inputting a wrong phone number. The number has no sms. Can someone help me out. This 2fa really sucks.
  6. I run them together without any problems. I believe in a layered defense.
  7. I am always happy for more information about hardware/software and don't mind looking around for what I may/may not need. Since My. Emsisoft has additional information, like cancellation of auto-renew I like the site. If you don't go there and look around, you will never know. That is up to you !!! I still want a notification of when my license expires
  8. Also got email confirmation of cancel auto renew
  9. In My.Emsisoft your license shows. The three horizontal lines to the right of each license has an option to cancel auto renew. Just checked my license and it was set to auto renew and got confirmation when I changed it. Checking dates I found the date of when the license was renewed. The information is there, you just have to look. It does not say "license ends on xx/xx/xxxx.
  10. Thanks, I never noticed that before. Just don't spend much time looking in Task Manager!
  11. Windows 10 1903. Was looking through Task Manager/Details and noticed that a2start.exe is disabled. Everything seems to be running ok and rebooted, same. Is this normal ? Thanks
  12. So why are you even here if they are better ? OH ! I see from your past posts you don't like Emsisoft at all. So again Why are you even here ? Go pick on Bitdefender which I had on my computers for less than a day.
  13. Just goes to show how much bad stuff I get. Almost never !!
  14. I checked earlier and the file was gone. Maybe there was something just updated in the version. I doubt that thee button was off the page.
  15. No delete option when I right click the item. quarantine.txt
  16. I will post if I get them again. Another strange Windows happening !!
  17. Haven't had any notifications since I posted. So may have hit the right setting.
  18. Just started to get these update notifications. Been so long I forgot where to stop this stuff. Thanks
  19. Thanks Thomas, Sales disabled it for me. Just had to find the right place to do it !!
  20. Just got a 30 day warning and renewed. OK how do I cancel auto renewel. Waiting for the new code. In the meantime I am on Trial really dumb. Need quick answer so if I need to cancel. I don't play games !! Why do I need 5 licenses when I only have 4 since I have been using this company for a few years ??
  21. When Outpost Security Suite was sold and taken off the market, I searched the product forums and wound up with Emsisoft. Still happy with the product. I can get Norton free with Comcast > NO WAY. I was lucky enough to repair a telephone system that ran circles around every other system on the market. Lucent & Northern Telecom included. because of flexible and easy to program software. A few minutes and an external relay wow ! turn on a coffee pot for when I arrived in the morning. I kid you not. So "real world is all I look at in every product I buy". I believe that testing companies are out there to PUSH certain products. Product forums seem to have these kind of threads every so often. The way I look at them is "Someone trying to cause problems for their own gratification and people should ignore them"
  22. I am confused with this patch. I heard about the MS update which I never got. Have it now, just have to install it. >There wasn't a bios/microcode update for my Asus mobo that I could find unless the patch from was supposed to fixed the problem. < I didn't pay much attention to the warning last year & was waiting for a bios update which never came. Asus doesn't update 4 year old mobo's I guess. So I am between a rock and no place !!! lol
  23. I also run a i7 4770K also and the hit was bad. I just picked on Chrome, but could see the problem with other programs. Sometimes I wonder about the "panic" with some of the malware. Let's face malware will never end !!