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  1. Black friday

    I have many days left on my subscription so not really interested. From past experience there is a good break on renewing.
  2. Black friday

    Good deal if you need it new. I think renewals have a better deal ?
  3. New version problem

    I don't have that happen
  4. Malwarebytes has a situation similar to this and a setting to not let it be recognized.
  5. Shows ok for me. Could this be another EU happening ?
  6. Disable usb scans

    I only use my usb sticks and drives. Is there a way to stop automatic scans ?
  7. Wonder if this is being looked into.
  8. Windows Firewall Control

    Ignore. I just remembered something about a security certificate being posted.
  9. I just got rid of Xfinity modem/router for a SB6183 modem and Asus router. With AM active I can't log in with Not sure where I am being blocked.
  10. Update or logging problem

    Logs ok this side of the pond. Might be a server problem in the EU
  11. Trouble Login to Router

    It was a RT-AC66U B1 . I am getting my money back. I ordered a TP-Link Archer C7 from NewEgg that had good reviews on the web and news groups. These are my first from either manufacturers. I got a reply from Windows Firewall Control about the problem. The trouble really had me confused. I even had Amazon support on chat which was no help. Been 4 years since I had a 'real' router with a separate modem and 8 since I last had Comcast. I even was thinking about bridging the thing until I realized what I was doing !! Big changes from the last router I had
  12. Trouble Login to Router

    Just a typo. If I would have researched the router better I would have known the problem before purchase. While the tech support a Amazon tried to help, he did not know about that models problems. It will be shipped back and I ordered a TP Link router. I researched it on the web and through news groups.
  13. Trouble Login to Router

    Sending the router back. Seems like a bad router model. Has anyone used a TP Link router ?
  14. Trouble Login to Router

    Kind of strange. I don't know if it is AM or Windows Firewall Control. On a wired connection I can use, but not On wireless, nothing works I sent an email to Windows Firewall Control although I made a rule for in and out Tried 3 browsers. Windows 10 set to public network. Changed to private network did not help. So, I am waiting for a possible direction here. Really SKUNKED !!!
  15. Can't Stop Scheduled Scan

    Will do thanks
  16. I need to stop it this AM and it would not. SSD drive light and moving icon in the tray are still going. 2017.9.0.8006
  17. WFC4

    I do not have it monitored and get Reputation Unknown. Version I do not have any problems with it.
  18. Can't Stop Scheduled Scan

    Thanks, I don't remember if I had used a custom scan in the past and just changed to malware scan and everything was not changed by doing that. What ever !!
  19. Can't Stop Scheduled Scan

    I remade the scheduled scan and was able to stop it now.
  20. Can't Stop Scheduled Scan

    It is a Malware Scan. I have deleted it and will make a new one in case I did something in the past that did not get changed.
  21. Can't Stop Scheduled Scan

    It is a Malware Scan. I have deleted it and will make a new one in case I did something in the past that did not get changed. Does Anti-Malware do it's own schedule or use Task Scheduler.
  22. Can't Stop Scheduled Scan

    A few minutes. When I stop a scan, it should stop after I give it some time.
  23. Windows firewall pop up

    I tried it and was confused (old age) so went with Windows Firewall Control.
  24. Should I purchase a router too?

    Sounds like you are in one of those areas where upgrading speed will almost never happen. I think you should just leave everything alone and continue and just use your smarts to not get infected. I got a ransomware at a few months ago. Opened an email that was almost exactly what I was expecting. I do drive images about once a month so I just installed an image. Smart web browsing is very important these days. After all, MAJOR companies don't do better than we do !
  25. Should I purchase a router too?

    That is a router setting. While it may have other settings that could be changed, it looks like it is doing it's job with NAT. Just leave it alone.