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  1. When Outpost Security Suite was sold and taken off the market, I searched the product forums and wound up with Emsisoft. Still happy with the product. I can get Norton free with Comcast > NO WAY.  I was lucky enough to repair a telephone system that ran circles around every other system on the market. Lucent & Northern Telecom included. because of flexible and easy to program software. A few minutes and an external relay wow ! turn on a coffee pot for when I arrived in the morning. I kid you not.

    So "real world is all I look at in every product I buy". I believe that testing companies are out there to PUSH certain products.

    Product forums seem to have these kind of threads every so often. The way I look at them is "Someone trying to cause problems for their own gratification and people should ignore them"

  2. I am confused with this patch. 

    I heard about the MS update which I never got. Have it now, just have to install it.

     >There wasn't a bios/microcode update for my Asus mobo that I could find unless the patch from GRC.com was supposed to fixed the problem. <

    I didn't pay much attention to the warning last year & was waiting for a bios update which never came.

    Asus doesn't update 4 year old mobo's I guess.

    So I am between a rock and no place  !!! lol

  3. I have a Haswell cpu in one desktop and the speed slowdown is a big problem. Only use it once a week. I disabled the protection the last time I used the machine. What I noticed, 

    is that the first time I run Chrome or another program it is very slow to load. Fast if I open it again. I guess because some of the program is not cleared from memory when program shutdown. I was looking for the Microsoft patch, but it is not shown. Might be because the patch was installed in an earlier version of Win 10. It is on 1809 now. This weekend when I fire it up, I will find out if the slowdown is still there.

    KB4482887 is not installed, at least not in 1809

  4. Had a problem with Win 10  1803 and did a repair install. That killed AM,  upon reinstall, the install said my license expired. Not until 12/18.

    Anyone around to check license for me ?

    Got correct code, too many installs

    Please fix

    I also emailed sales with request.

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