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  1. Have to check my desktops. So far only on the one laptop did I see those rules. All my settings are as I have them, no sharing. The very few times I share a file, I just put them on

    a flash stick. One computer is hardwired to the router and the other three are wireless. I keep the wireless locked down as much as possible. There are at least

    40 wireless networks that I can see around here. Have to watch because Microsoft Windows 10 can be 'updated' to anything.

  2. Using Windows FW and Windows FW Control. Looked at rules today and many ICS settings show on and active. Like UPnP in /out  SSDP-In/Out.

    No Remote Addresses are shown. Just found Remote Assistance turned on Remote Access OFF which I always set.

    Wonder if anyone has seen this before. I have all sharing turned off unless there is a setting I don't know about.

    Really weird !


  3. Second time this has happened. Malware scan.


    wudfrd.sys Sunday

    wof.sys Today

    Only way to get out of the scan is to reboot, stop and pause doesn't seem to work. Only on this HP laptop to make this more strange.

    Ideas ?




    I switch between two laptops and the DEll doesn't have this happen.

  4. It was a RT-AC66U B1 . I am getting my money back. I ordered a TP-Link Archer C7 from NewEgg that had good reviews on the web and news groups. These are my first from

    either manufacturers. I got a reply from Windows Firewall Control about the problem. The trouble really had me confused. I even had Amazon support on chat which was

    no help. Been 4 years since I had a 'real' router  with a separate modem and 8 since I last had Comcast. I even was thinking about bridging the thing until I realized what I was doing !!

    Big changes from the last router I had

  5. Just a typo. If I would have researched the router better I would have known the problem before purchase. While the tech support a Amazon tried to help, he 

    did not know about that models problems.

    It will be shipped back and I ordered a TP Link router. I researched it on the web and through news groups.

  6. Kind of strange. I don't know if it is AM or Windows Firewall Control. On a wired connection I can use 

    router.asus.com/main_login.asp, but not On wireless, nothing works

    I sent an email to Windows Firewall Control although I made a rule for in and out

    Tried 3 browsers. Windows 10 set to public network.

    Changed to private network did not help.

    So, I am waiting for a possible direction here.

    Really SKUNKED !!!

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