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  1. Just a typo. If I would have researched the router better I would have known the problem before purchase. While the tech support a Amazon tried to help, he did not know about that models problems. It will be shipped back and I ordered a TP Link router. I researched it on the web and through news groups.
  2. Sending the router back. Seems like a bad router model. Has anyone used a TP Link router ?
  3. Kind of strange. I don't know if it is AM or Windows Firewall Control. On a wired connection I can use router.asus.com/main_login.asp, but not On wireless, nothing works I sent an email to Windows Firewall Control although I made a rule for in and out Tried 3 browsers. Windows 10 set to public network. Changed to private network did not help. So, I am waiting for a possible direction here. Really SKUNKED !!!
  4. I just got rid of Xfinity modem/router for a SB6183 modem and Asus router. With AM active I can't log in with Not sure where I am being blocked.
  5. I do not have it monitored and get Reputation Unknown. Version I do not have any problems with it.
  6. Thanks, I don't remember if I had used a custom scan in the past and just changed to malware scan and everything was not changed by doing that. What ever !!
  7. I remade the scheduled scan and was able to stop it now.
  8. It is a Malware Scan. I have deleted it and will make a new one in case I did something in the past that did not get changed.
  9. It is a Malware Scan. I have deleted it and will make a new one in case I did something in the past that did not get changed. Does Anti-Malware do it's own schedule or use Task Scheduler.
  10. A few minutes. When I stop a scan, it should stop after I give it some time.
  11. I need to stop it this AM and it would not. SSD drive light and moving icon in the tray are still going. 2017.9.0.8006
  12. I tried it and was confused (old age) so went with Windows Firewall Control.
  13. Sounds like you are in one of those areas where upgrading speed will almost never happen. I think you should just leave everything alone and continue and just use your smarts to not get infected. I got a ransomware at a few months ago. Opened an email that was almost exactly what I was expecting. I do drive images about once a month so I just installed an image. Smart web browsing is very important these days. After all, MAJOR companies don't do better than we do !
  14. That is a router setting. While it may have other settings that could be changed, it looks like it is doing it's job with NAT. Just leave it alone.
  15. It can be named anything. I always changed the name and only allowed my drive where I keep pictures, installation files and such. I also allowed folders on C:\ that were off the root that I put there. Don't even know if it can be used with a domain. Never had to research that. Up until I retired and moved, I always had a lan and never used wifi. Now I only have one machine by my router and others are on wlifi so I don't trip over cables. I don't even have a network set up between computers because of wifi being involved. Usb sticks move/copy files for me now, much safer as only my sticks are used.
  16. Here is another read about this STUFF ! https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-security/is-public-safer-than-private-or-home-when-setting/e3d26f48-09ad-4c9a-8111-1776f453e382?auth=1 JeremyNicoll, using a Work Group on a lan gives much more control over what others can see/do on your computer. Windows 10 also throws more restrictions in the mix. On Windows 7, you should have seen the warning about sharing C: or even parts of it.
  17. Just a warning that Public Networks can be unsafe. Don't forget, Windows is used by many that know nothing or very little about safety with networks. A Private network is usually set up by people that know something networking. I am setup with a Public Network because 3 of my computers use wireless and there are at least 50 networks in this apartment complex. I thought a public network MIGHT be safer from scriptkiddies. Don't really know !
  18. I have Anti-Malware on four computers and using Windows Firewall Control on each. Shows better info than the Windows firewall and easier control. I have them in 'learning' mode, but will change that when I feel the time is right. I purchased a key and the price is right for multiple computers. $10 !
  19. If you use DSL there is some programming to do. ISP username and password which you get from your carrier. Not sure with cable at the moment as I am still researching a modem and router to purchase.
  20. Stop trying to make a simple answer complicated. Routers do work and work very well even with default programming and manuals are there to help. Of course experience is needed for advanced programming, but not really needed these days. ROUTERS WORK WELL OUT OF THE BOX !!
  21. While routers today do not have the best logging, I have owned routers in the past that have had great logging. You would not believe the garbage a router can block. Having the NAT , is a very good way to block incoming problems before a software firewall has to deal with them. Most interfaces from internet providers today also include a router . Over the years I have advised people I know to use a router if they only have a modem. There are many routers on the market that do a great job, so picking one is a problem. Right now I use a Comcast interface with both and will be looking to purchase a modem and a router. Not only for rental price, but also to have a better router that I can program with what I think is better than their default settings.
  22. Must be magic, I guess. It did kill it. I don't care what anyone else says. Same way all responses about a Level 3 router problem said 'no way' and it was.
  23. Antimalware caught the file on one of my computers. So if you got a popup about, then it is gone. You can then download 5.34 and be ok.
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