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  1. Sent email to support with license and both computer names.
  2. I thought it was because I did a clean install of Windows 10. Every time I rebooted I got the license popup, two selections for two licenses, pick one.
  3. Thank you, just saw your message. Got to write that key down !!
  4. Just started yesterday. One license is ok the other shows 29 days left. Under license shows trial and no key #. Christian replied to my post yesterday and haven't heard anything else. tnx
  5. I have something similar going on. One puter is ok with 200 days left and the other is showing 29 days left. My problem is I can't find my keys and I usually keep the emails on three machines. Driving me crazy. It does not show in the program. Shows as trial.
  6. I think it was the license server. My second license had the same yesterday and it is now corrected. I will wait to see what happens.
  7. Only thing I can add is dump Comodo. Heard too much about them. Something damaged that file and is grabbing their area of memory which should not happen with Win 10.
  8. If that dll file is damaged, I would get the Media Creation Tool and get the latest Windows 10 dvd or usb version. Open File Explorer and run SETUP.EXE. That will do a repair reinstall, which will keep everything you have installed. DO NOT BOOT the dvd or usb stick. You cannot compare Windows 8.1 and 10. 10 is an animal unto it self.
  9. In Manage White List, on the bottom left is a down arrow. Clicking it allows you to add a file, folder, process or name. If I pick folder, that lines name changes to Folder. At the right end of the line are three dots in a small gray box. If you click on them, explorer opens and you can pick a folder, not a process, file or name. I have the program up and it works the way I said. If you followed my directions and it doesn't work, you have a program problem. I would download a new install file and install over the top. Unless one of the gurus has a better idea.
  10. I don't have the program on this computer, look for three little dots on the right of the line where you enter files. Click on them to open a file manager. Been a long time since I asked the exact same question !!
  11. Don't know anything about dates, but if you don't have 8.1,you may not get some updates. 8.1 did fix many problems with 8.0
  12. Good to hear, but I still like to check things. Quarantine of system files, seems to be the biggest problem that pops up every so often and that is why I like to checkup.
  13. I only have one comment. If you let any AV or AM delete something that should not be deleted, it is YOU that is at fault. Haven't checked lately for a setting that automatically quarantines a file. There is a setting in Malwarebytes that does it and I told them it was STUPID. It is done because most users are not smart enough to decide. No program is 100% and if you donot realise that, again it is YOUR fault. That is why I have multiple security programs to check a detection out.
  14. Got it. Don't you guys have nothing better to do than confuse us OLD guys ?
  15. Yes, but no place to enter folder
  16. I just installed Kaspersky Internet Security and I wanted to add it to the ignore list. I usually put Malwarebytes and Superantispyware there also I tried to add a folder to the White List, but couldn't I think this version is newer that the last time I looked. How do I do what I want ?
  17. I get the same thing on ALL my security programs every so often. Happy Windows
  18. Nothing from a search so, how can I compare the beta version I am using to what version is out ?
  19. I just had the log error pop up after a few day with the beta updates checked.
  20. I get this error, sometimes, when I click on the tray icon. I think it has something to do with the logs. Has me confused because it surprises me !!! a2start.log
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