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  1. Thanks for the clarification and thanks for your help. This thread can be closed.
  2. Thanks. I have 3 more questions before this thread can be concluded. It's normal for svchost.exe to have an "established" connection and not a "listening" connection to ? Are attempted facebook account intrusions common ? Combofix should only be used with expert supervision ?
  3. Hi, I'm a customer of Emsisoft antimalware. Recently, I've received an email from facebookmail security about an attempted log in to my facebook account from an intruder. I verified that this mail was legitimate from facebook itself. Furthermore, I've noticed via TCPView that svchost.exe has an established connection to this IP Address (apparently EdgeCast Networks Asia Pacific Network) which I closed. I added a custom rule into Emsisoft Antimalware to block connections to this IP address, and attempts to connect to would be blocked every time I booted the desktop
  4. Hi, I'm a little paranoid after accidentally visiting a recipe site in Firefox (latest ESR edition) private browsing sandbox mode. The specific URL is http://www. recipesbnb. com/sloppy-janes/107634 Virustotal says it's safe and Sucuri Sitecheck says the site uses an outdated wordpress. Emsisoft Antimalware was active at the time with no problems. I quickly closed Firefox and opened TCPView and noted these 3 lines - <non-existent> 5068 TCP 50466 https LAST_ACK
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