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  1. Hi, I'm a little paranoid after accidentally visiting a recipe site in Firefox (latest ESR edition) private browsing sandbox mode. The specific URL is http://www. recipesbnb. com/sloppy-janes/107634 Virustotal says it's safe and Sucuri Sitecheck says the site uses an outdated wordpress. Emsisoft Antimalware was active at the time with no problems. I quickly closed Firefox and opened TCPView and noted these 3 lines - <non-existent> 5068 TCP 50466 https LAST_ACK <non-existent> 5068 TCP 50523 http CLOSING <non-existent> 5068 TCP 50523 http CLOSING It seems like the site is safe, but I was wondering if I could get a 2nd opinion from the team here? The site looks suspicious with its collection of random images for food items.