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  1. Hello everybody I heard that Online Armor++ 5 will include Emsisoft Anti-malware and its real time protection , so you do not have to buy the 2 programs but how about people who have a valid licence for the 2 programs ;OA premium and Emsisoft Anti-malware and they want to use only one program like QA++ , what can they do ??
  2. Thank you for your response but the OA Program Guard contradict with Behavior Blocker in Emsisoft Anti-malware Also, Emsisoft Anti-malware has more features in Surf Protection than OA , so I think I dont need both of them because this may slow down my computer
  3. Hello Everybody This is my first thread I want to ask about the contradiction between Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-malware because both of them have an web shield and program guars So, shall I turn of any of them Also, shall I put each one in the execlusion of the other one Thanks alot in advance