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  1. Stapp, good news (I hope ) Settings were fixed! Now they remain the same for: 1) updates 2) updates with app restart 3) PC restart at least on my Win7. Hope on yours also. Good luck!
  2. Sorry for this. We are trying to fix all of this as fast as possible!
  3. Hello stapp, glad to tell you - it was fixed, and publish in new beta. have a nice day!
  4. Thank you again for the issue. I was able to reproduce it and add to our tracker. Hope we will fix it soon!
  5. Hello Sadegh, thank you again for a good catch! I was able to reproduce it, and add to our tracker. Hope we will fix it soon!
  6. Thank you, Sadegh! Will try to reproduce it on Win10 now
  7. I will check anyway, issues from boring people - our high priority Will write here the results
  8. Hello stapp, thank you for a great catch! Will try to reproduce it with my current feed.
  9. Hello Sintharius, thank you for your issue! Would you, please, try to install V12 again and see what will happen? If it be the same issue would you mind to do a quick session with TeamViewer? Tatiana
  10. Hello Sadegh, thank you for the issue! You still use Windows 8.1*64, right? Best wishes,
  11. Hello stapp, thank you for noticing this. I have also experienced with the same behavior on Win7, but only when my PC was busy with something else (ex., game or huge video). Did you have something like this also running on your PC? Did you see this duplicate row for a long time or did it disappear in several seconds? Best wishes,
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