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  1. Increasing the credit of 1.5% has not yet been applied to me? I hope emsisoft will be loyal to its customers.
  2. Hello You also know that a security product without a firewall = viral infection Login to phishing and infected sites Emsisoft Anti-Malware Your product can not provide complete security Your product can not provide complete security We made a mistake about your product. We thought that your team would quickly develop your product But that did not happen. The current world has no meaning without security. Unfortunately, your team does something offensive to your users by doing this (we have to be right). Instead of protecting your firewall section in layers, you completely deleted it. I always advised your product, because of the quality and progress of my friends But now more ..... I tried to speak honestly. I posted a post on the ESET community that was deleted by ESET. Because you are honest and do not clean up user posts from the community, Thank you Workers should be free to give their opinions and opinions about your products To get a good niche. best regurd
  3. Hello With the removal of its Internet security product, the company found that it was being destroyed. A self-styled decision / no polls from users and completely wrong. We live in a world where everyone uses the Internet and needs security in this space. emsisoft suddenly eliminates its Internet security product. Maybe this has been done to reduce costs? Perhaps the developers' skills were not enough to achieve this! I'm really disappointed. It was supposed to be 1./5 times the Internet security license of October 1, and it would become an anti malware but it did not happen to me!
  4. Big bugs in the update package size of I've installed version EMSISOFT IS I got within three days I checked the update package size. The first day about 24 MB. The second day is about 42 MB. The third day is about 49.5 MB. Why does this update package size is too much. I updated version of the high volume of daily 11 EMSISOFT the problem I had, and I support the report, but the company did not fix it. There is also the problem now in version 12. Please make this big problem. (Total size of the database BitDefender Antivirus is published on a weekly basis is about 170 MB), but EMSISOFT receives 50 megabytes per day.? Respectfully
  5. see this pic : http://up.vbiran.ir/uploads/28349147524348039056_1.png Many reputable antivirus perfect sound in Windows 10 RS can disable Windows Defender. The Windows Defender icon in the taskbar not see. The processes related to Windows Defender is no process. Unfortunately, your antivirus EMSISOFT rather than ineffectively trying to fix it in this case accept and cope, it's difficult to justify. In the hope that when problems are reported by users of the company in order to resolve the problem quickly cope. And flawless product available text. Respectfully
  6. trend micro antivirus 2017 disable windows defender http://up.vbiran.ir/uploads/21951147500838738197_Untitled.png
  7. I have on several systems that were installed antivirus other than emsisoft IS, I saw Defender windows was completely disabled and its icon in TASKBAR was not observed. But emsisoft IS inability to otherwise enable Defender windows, is quite obvious. Unfortunately, since both are together Defender windows and emsisoft IS loaded at start-up system speed = reduced boot time increases. Almost all antivirus programs I've tested individually Defender windows, all of which are completely disabled. Unfortunately, in version 11 products emsisoft IS was faced with this problem. I thought in version 12 emsisoft IS the problem is resolved, but the problem still persist. with respect
  8. Emsisoft Internet Security: In Windows 10 14393.187 version can not disable windows defender. And for both windows defender and Emsisoft Internet Security are active. Please make sure that Emsisoft Internet Security can completely disable windows defender to make the taskbar icon does not appear in the windows Defender. You should install Emsisoft Internet Security, windows defender completely disabled. Now both come up with the speed of the system is reduced.
  9. The final version was released 12 emsisoft what time? Is version 11 to version 12 is expandable?
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