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  1. I found another strangeness and am posting it in case it has any bearing. This is a capture of part of the 'Managed Devices' page. As you can see, there are 29 devices (correct), Protected 21 (correct), offline 8 (correct), Unused seat 1. This last is NOT correct, there are 28 seats available so this should show -1 UNLESS the three seats from the other licence, which has used only one seat is taken into account which would add 2 to the available count and make the Unused count 1. Is this how it works?
  2. Thanks Frank I sent the licence codes over last night.
  3. Hi Can anyone advise me on a couple of questions on licensing please? We have two licences. One is for three seats and covers our server and has two seats unused. The other is for 27 workstation seats. I had been under the impression that I could create two workspaces, assigning one of the licences to one workspace and the other licence to the other workspace. I could then apply the appropriate installation token to the existing EAM installations to assign one licence or the other. This does not seem to work however, and ALL my devices, 28 in number, exc
  4. Thanks again Frank The instructions here https://help.emsisoft.com/en/2607/deployment-via-group-policy-on-windows-servers-active-directory/ refer to download and installation of the .MSI installer. Does this have the same effect as the web install or should I change the GPO to execute the Web installer? If I follow this method will it be transparent to end-users? Thanks. From your comment re ECC and EAM, I guess ECC questions should now go the EAM forum. Thanks.
  5. I can see from the documentation how to INSTALL multiple clients by GPO. I can see how to CONNECT a client from the command line but I cannot see how to CONNECT multiple clients. What I would like to do is connect a substantial number of clients automatically to ECC, disconnecting them from EEC so that end-users need take NO action and, ideally, would see no messages. Is there a method to do this? As an aside, now that ECC is no longer Beta, are we going to get a dedicate forum for it? TIA.
  6. Many thanks. I just could NOT see that. Must get new eyes!!
  7. I have accidently created an extra workspace which is not required. How can I remove it? Thanks.
  8. This is a production server so the opportunities are a bit limited. I shall try to get this for you however. Chers. Paul
  9. Hi Sorry to 'Thread Crash' but FYI I am seeing a very similar problem with EAM for Server. Errors are as shown below. The symptoms seem identical and it's on a server so potentially quite serious. Error Application Error Tue May 22 17:37:44 2018 1000 Faulting application name: a2service.exe, version: 2018.4.0.8631, time stamp: 0x5ae8995d Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.2.9200.22376, time stamp: 0x5a90c271 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x00000000000
  10. Hi I am running EEC in a domain environment. Occasionally, for no obvious reason, a client machine will show as 'Not Protected. Not Managed' in the console. I cannot re-connect the machine by using 'Deploy', which always fails at the 'Disconnecting Anti-malware' step. I cannot re-connect from the client which shows 'Connected'. The client can disconnect but cannot reconnect - it times out. To solve the issue, I have to run a deployment package (Emsisoft already installed) on the client machine. Firstly, can I check that the account details I am using to deploy from the c
  11. Sorry. I was a bit impatient there! The file hadn't finished uploading. Logs should be with you now. Thanks.
  12. Hi and thanks. The issue started a couple of days ago when the new build installed. I have re-installed a downloaded version over the top of the existing installation and this has not helped. I have removed EEC, keeping settings, and re-installed. No improvement. Services are running OK. Suggestions would be welcome! Thanks.
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