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  1. Any suggestions on this continuing problem? In an install with 22 computers having had EAM manually installed, I have found that eight of them worked without package installation, 12 worked after Light Package installation and two of th em give the error message given in the last post. I would imagine that a re-install of EAM from package will fix this, but it would be nice to understand what is happening before taking this step. Thanks.
  2. Thank you Frank It did not seem to me that the statement in the manual was correct as a number of machines in this installation connected to EEC spontaneously without need of package installation. I carried out a Connect package install on the problem machine and the error message is now:- Send Emsisoft Anti-Malware info request command error I'm curious as to why some machine work and, of course , how to resolve this latest error. Thanks.
  3. New installation of EEC 11.11. I have gone through all the setup using Domain Group Policy settings and forced a Group Policy update. Machines have Emsisoft Anti-Malware already manually installed but show 'Not Protected', 'Not Managed' in console. When I click [solve], deploy fails with the error message:- 'Time out error. Communication service was not started for computer 'xxxxx'. Examining the log shows that 'WaitEAMConnected' ends after a six-minute timeout. Can you suggest any action I can take? Thanks.
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