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  1. i have have “alert reduction” option enabled and rules set for firefox two people in french forum have same problem of me http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/1939-a-propoos-de-firefox-et-a-squared-antimalware-5/ and in chrome 4,5 http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/1917-navigateur-chrome-4-et-5/ same problem a-square detect firefox.exe for trojan backdoor etc in google start page and search engine I tested several rules for firefox with google start page and engine but a-square block google. in ie 8 a-square don't block google page just trojan or other script i think it's a problem with firefox with google page start and a-square i don't have tested beta module in v5.0.0.51 i search the problme but a-square run perfectly in the other application and scan for firefox i have no script and ablock plus ps: i have test in safe mode in firefox same problem with google ps2: i install beta module for test
  2. firefox bug with beahvior mode i turn off behavior but firefox is blocked with google in ie8 a-square and google page work perfectly and surf protections is on i have create rule for firefox.exe in settings of a-square I authorize all for firefox i have google page but i don't have surf protection and behavior mode in ie8 google is not block in firefox when he start a-square detect spyware,trojan in the google page??? 19/05/2010 16:40:16 1988 C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MOZILLA FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE Autorisé par l'utilisateur Behavior.TrojanDownloader 19/05/2010 16:40:13 1988 C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MOZILLA FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE Autorisé par l'utilisateur Behavior.Spyware 19/05/2010 16:40:13 1988 C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MOZILLA FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE Autorisé par l'utilisateur Behavior.Backdoor same problem with v4.5 no protection in the net with firefox
  3. i reboot my internet connection firefox start in a blank page ................ ie start in google page
  4. i have resolved my problem -Update the Internet box router -Change Internet network on windows seven (public network => home network) -Windows firewall on -A-square-full on (behavior, surfing Guardian on) -Firefox extension on other details for windows service in regedit: -switch preftech on in regedit(for ssd is recommended to switch off) -switch superftech on for same reason
  5. i have test in safe mode no extension but i have same problem. It's easy for the screenshot version 4.5 firefox work (image #2) version test with extensiion, no etension , safe mode (image #1) no rules for google when i test v5.0.0.49 a-square is empty v5.0.0.50 work when i disabled behavior and surf guardian but when i active behavior or surf navigation firefox is blank page when i start
  6. i understand it's very strange bug my seven 32bit in my laptop work with v5.0.0.49 64bit version bug??
  7. just a_square plugin firefox -noscript -adblockplus i have test firefox is ok i turn on behavior firefox block google i turn off behavior but firefox is completely block with google i test whith just surf activated and normal guardian of files ok surf or behavior block google page and engine in firefox with a-square v i have restore in v 4.5 and update to v for the moment behavior and surf protection is disabled i wait fix
  8. i have update to final version my seven 64bit but firefox is blocked to google page start firefox version 3.6.3 it's very urgent -not rules to block firefox -firewall of windows is off version 4.5 firefox page
  9. i have the same problme with last version of a-square 5.0 beta new addon block the google page and the google search engine in firefox 3.6.3
  10. i have try the last beta update reboot in firefox 3.6 no access to google.com and taskbar in the right is block the beta just block the google search engine install the version 4.5 is ok for firefox pc1 and pc2 same problem(beta module only ,normal version is ok)