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  1. Thanks for your reply and email. The problem was not my password (pin). I was entering that correctly, and I reconfirmed everything several times at my.emisoft.com. The problem was that the Emisoft anti-theft screen was being blocked, so I couldn't access it to enter my pin. The strange thing was that I did not give Android Device Manager administrative permission, but I was still able to use my Google account to try to relock/reset the lock on the standard Android "Enter Pin" screen. Doing this finally caused the Emsisoft anti-theft login screen to appear. I entered my pin and bypassed Emsisoft anti-theft. However, the next problem was that Android Device Manager wasn't working right on my phone, so I was still locked out! Anyway, it was a bad experience, but I had my important data backed up, so wiping the phone seemed like the "fastest" solution, although not elegant by any means. Android is making progress, but it is still a buggy platform. I know this from just observing how the same app runs differently on different versions of Android. I am using Android 4.4.4, if you want to try to reproduce the bug. For all I know, the app might work fine on other versions.
  2. There seems like there is a bug with ADM with some version of Android. So, I was locked out. Anyway, I just wiped the device and have to start over again. Please pass these messages onto your Android developers because there was some conflict between your application and the basic "Enter Pin" lock screen on Android. I hope nobody else has these problems.
  3. I logged into Android device manager and locked my phone to try to reset the pin lock. Doing this "woke up" the Emsisoft anti-theft screen. I entered my pin and bypassed Emsisoft anti-theft. However, now for some reason ADM is not unlocking regardless of how many times I try to reset the password.... Anyway, I might have to try wiping it if nothing else works.
  4. I am sorry if this isn't the right place to post, but I sent a message to your support staff, too. I was testing out your mobile app, and locked my phone using my.emsisoft.com. The phone locked, but it won't unlock even when I am using the correct pin. I get the Android "Enter Pin" screen. I originally had a pin lock set, but there seems to have been some conflict between Emsisoft's lock and the original pin lock. Now both of them don't work.I am completely locked out, so if there is some way for your to unlock my device on your end, please help me. My device ID is SM-G720N0. I can send my email address and pin by email. Please advise.
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