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  1. I have the same problem, since the release the v12, they said that was a problem with firewall driver but I'm still unable to install it. 

    No other security programs running here. Just I removed a previous trial from ESET Smart Security but I removed it with its uninstaller tool. 

  2. This behaviour ocurs even in windows 7, (2 laptops from my Family) causes a delay startup for 1 minute (I mean I can't open nothing due a high Cpu and disk use) , I have to set the update once a day and disable the protection before log in. After the boot and the update the performance is excellent so far.

    There is no time when the laptops aren't being used for us and set the scheduled update, so the settings at default affect the performance on that way: at boot.

    I think this seeting needs to be considered as I feel I'm afecting the security of my laptops (1 update at day and no protection until the first log in)

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