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  1. Actually it does not appear in the program's list after I allowed it. so...I should manually add it into trusted list?
  2. Yes, and the contents of popups are exactly the same
  3. OA cannot remember my decision when I use chrome plugin. totally terminate chrome, restart it again and use plugins(e.g. IE Tab), the popup shows again though I have already ticked "remember my decision"
  4. Why OA5 X64 still cannot block that shutdown behavior I posted before?
  5. OK, hoping the bug will be fixed soon: )
  6. OnlineArmor cannot block this malware's shutdown behavior sample is in attachment I use Windows7 X64 and OA premium, in runsafer mode; OA cannot block its shutdown behavior, and it seems that this app has IFEO hijack EDIT: attachment removed.
  7. Thank you for your help! I hope that the bug will be fixed soon I use ESET Smart Security 4 with Firewall section totally disabled, and I've added OA to NOD's exclusions list.
  8. In addition, the reason why I think the problem is related to nvidia driver is that though nvidia tool shows that GPU is enabled, the GPU Load is extremely low, thus causes low FPS.
  9. Test done. 1)I added NOD32 and Mass Effect2 into exclusion list, and issue solved. 2)I removed Mass Effect2 from exclusion list, the issue reappeared 3)I tried another game--The Last Remnant, for it has the same problem, and after I added it into exclusions, the problem is also solved I found that even Program Guard is disabled, there is also a sharp drop in FPS: in The Last Remnant, with program guard enabled, I got only 23FPS; with program guard disabled, I got only 40FPS, but after I added the game folder into exclusions and enabled the Program Guard, the FPS goes up to 120(without rebooting) It is weird. So I have to add game folder into exclusion if I meet such situation again
  10. Yes. It seems that OA will automatically trust some program. I reinstall OA and let it trust everything in my computer, the problem still exists. I choose "hide trusted", and there is nothing displayed above. But OA once asked me whether to trust an executable file, which is related to nvidia Optimus update service; and once, nvtray.exe is blocked and OA reminds me after startup
  11. Recently I started to use Online Armor X64 premium, and I found that OA X64 may have some problems with nvidia driver.(I'm not sure whether it will happen in X86 version) The problem is: when OA's program guard is enabled, there is a sharp drop in FPS. For example, in Mass Effect 2, I can only get 17FPS in main menu with program guard enabled, but 40FPS after I disable program guard and reboot.(before rebooting, the FPS stays the same) And this problem does not happen with all games. In my laptop, NFS HP3 and Mass Effect 2 both have this problem but Resident Evil 5 does not. Maybe this problem is related to Optimus Technology, since my laptop uses this tech and the tech largely depends on the driver(but there is no related log about the driver, weird)
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