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  1. Hi It will be so nice if you add this feature like Eset file reputation or Kaspersky Security Network I know emsisoft analyze suspicious files in Emsisoft Anti-malware Network but it will be better if you add this feature to Right-click options like eset and Kaspersky, therefore user can see file reputation for each file manually
  2. Amir

    EAM is off after startup

    I understand Thank you for your assistance
  3. Amir

    EAM is off after startup

    I did that and result: Winows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations
  4. Amir

    EAM is off after startup

    These are the logs you wanted Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Amir

    EAM is off after startup

    I did that step by step but it's not fixed yet
  6. Amir

    EAM is off after startup

    done. Here you are: EmsisoftDiagLog.txt
  7. HI I installed EAM 2017.8, 2 weeks ago But there is a problem EAM shields are all off about 5 minutes after startup and can't be turned on even manually (It isn't fixed after 2017.9 update)
  8. That mean EAM kills every File that wants unsual access?
  9. Hi I know that you are really good against Ransomwares but you maybe don't catch 1 in 1000I want to suggest you a pure Ransomware protectionAn extension based protection Like for example, not only protecting a certain folder, but globally protecting a file type For example, preventing ALL .jpg files from being modified by untrusted application. This way, you don''t even have to specify a folder to protectThank you
  10. Amir

    Report a bug (

    I've sent it to you
  11. Amir

    Report a bug (

    I don't I clicked to stop and update again
  12. Hi Is this RAM using by Anti malware normal? I should say i uninstalled emsisoft and installed again First time ram using was under 80MB but now 470MB