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  1. Hello, That did the trick, thank you very much sir
  2. Went fine until Import part , first the filename exported is called a2user.dat , when I click on Import file doesn't show though I'm in the right folder, I can see that Import feature is looking for the .INI files, so I guess that's why I can't select the exported and edited (cleared) file. Then I renamed the file (just the extension, from .dat to .ini) , then I was able to import it. However, rules are still there. Not sure exactly what restart EAM GUI means, if it means closing the interface and then re-open it (double click on EAM icon in system tray) , then that doesn't work, I mean rules are still there.
  3. I have one problem and it's tidious to solve it manually. Decided to import one large hosts file and that all went fine. However, I want to remove those rules now, the list is huge and it seems I can't select them all but rather remove them one by one. Is there a way to quickly remove them all (not the buil-in ones, just "my own", imported ones) ?
  4. I was just reading about scheduled scans in the Help file and there it says that by default Deep Scan is used.
  5. I can't edit previous post so ... I solved that Action Center problem. Had to reinstall few times, everything was fine and options were default, every guard turned on. But the problem was there were no alerts and then I got confused It seems that if there are leftovers in installation directory (Quarantine dir and two more files in root, can't remember names, one was dll, I think a2mor.dll ) then this above happens. Or maybe not, I'm not sure, anyhow when I deleted whole A-Squared directory and then install it again , everything is fine now. Or I have no alerts , None ! And everything is turned ON. I don't understand, this is weird
  6. @Lynx, Thanks for your reply. OK, I'm gonna give it another chance and I hope new version is coming soon I just installed it and this time Action Center is not picking up A-Squared for virus and spyware protection (last time it was OK) . I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit What are my options here ? Reinstall ? tnx
  7. I know he was talking about scan FP's. I only mentioned SP as a moment for final decision to stop using this software until improved version comes out. Too bad about Ikarus as that engine is responsible for lots of FP's. Yes I know that thread but honore said that exclusion is easy and it's not. That's all. Thank You all and I wish you best of luck.
  8. Listen, when threat is found option to exclude that file from future scaning is not possible, ok ? So, scaner finds something and all I want is to say "OK, I know this file is good, leave me alone with that one in the future" , I don't want to exclude it via malware-name.
  9. That was just one of examples. It would take long time to give every example. I started with disabling SP and ended up with disabling pretty much everything. That's the problem. But ok, I don't want to give this program a hard time, that is not my intention, I wish it could be better and it can, just need some basic options for start, like exclusions and disabling Ikarus.
  10. That's the reason I had to abort using A-Squared, it's just way too paranoid. I finally decided that it was enough when I visited and popup alert comes with warning that site is known for malware distribution or something (and that site is for sport bets, nothing even remotely close) I mean, how can I trust this software when there is alert for something that I don't know if it's true or not like in this case, then I started to think when I received those alerts that it's probably FP and then idea came to my mind...why then do I need this software ?? I tried to avoid some of the problems by using exceptions but that is not possible either (by file path not malware name) And I just can't understand why Ikarus engine is used, option to disable it would be great too.
  11. I really hope that new version is going to be released soon, at least public beta
  12. Thank You for fast and detailed reply. That is a great tip, didn't occured to me that I can remove them all and scan again Would be nice if that feature for showing file path is added to options in the future updates. Great to hear that it's in wish list Because I was not familiar with all the options after first scan, possible FP's are not submited but I'll do that for sure in future scans. Regards
  13. Thank You. Yes, I saw that, forgot to say something about that, trouble is that I can't see what files (folders) is whitelisted and that is what I need. This list of malware names means nothing to me
  14. Hello, First I must say that I really like your software, great job, keep up the good work ! Just this one thing...after first scan there were a big number of false positives so I've added about 95% of them to the whitelist. Question is : Where can I see what I've added to whitelist ?