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  1. Hello Kevin, sorry for the inconvenient. I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat X Pro. You can find attached the new scan logs after uninstallation. Thanks Giuseppe scan_161021-085607.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Hello Kevin, thank you for your support. I attached the requested files. Unfortunately I scanned and quarantined malware with MalwareBytes and SpyHunter before receive your procedure. So I attached also the relative logs. Best Regards Giuseppe Scan MalwareBytes.txt scan_161020-110628.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt SpyHunter.pdf
  3. Hello, my pc is infected with a ransomware. The virus was deleted by Malwarebyte, but now, to see what kind of virus it is and if there is a tool to recover the files I have some difficulty: I performed the analysis of the files on site, which tells me that they are infected with PClock, the screen is the same and the encrypted file extensions has remained the original. However, if I go to check the quarantined files, what I find is TorrentLocker inside the "" file. I tried to start the tool for PClock decrypt_pclock2.exe, but a popup will appear with the words: "this system Does Not Appear to be targetted by PClock malware in the past" I also tried TorrentUnlocker.exe no results. At this point I would need to understand what malwer really infected me, and if there is any possibility to recover the files. I attach one notification file and one encrypted files. Thanks in advance for the help Your files are locked !!!!!.txt encrypted file.pdf