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  1. Hi! Ok I understand. Can you help find a decryption key in case I will upload pair encrypted and original file?
  2. Hi! Will you be able to connect to encrypted server and take a look for some fee? I prefer to pay people who help others and not who harm others. I found backups for most important files, but there is still a lot of excel and word documents from 6 week old backup.
  3. Hi! My customer paid a ransom and get decrypter and password/key, I scanned it with antivirus, but I am not sure that it safe and not another trojan. Can you check it. See attachment Edit: I ran it, but it does not work - say wrong key. Now they want more money for key. Any help appreciated Decrypter.zip
  4. Hi! Tried multiply file pairs with different sizes - still get error about no key? Any advice?
  5. Hi! Restored from quarantine, but still Fabiansomware decrypter states that is cannot find the key. I tried to drop 2 180Mb files on it - still no key Please advice
  6. I see on impacted server a few files in ESET quarantine - one of them is an explorer.exe marked as filecoder.trojan. Others are coinminer.trojan Should I restore those files from quarantine to be able to decrypt files? I contacted hacker and he sent to me 2 decrypted files to prove it legit, but when I drop 2 files original and encrypted on fabiansomware decrypter it says that it can not find right key. Please advice.
  7. Hi! Sorry, but looks like I am missing out something. The FRST64 run was very short in time and looks like nothing changed. If it fixed should I rename files to original name and I will see an original content? or after fix I need to run something in addition. Sorry it my first time with ransomware. I run it on isolated VM so it take time to transfer files via attaching/detaching vmdk Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_161020-224800.txt Scan_161020-230610.txt
  8. Hi! All files encrypted and every file have a text near it. I attached EEK and FRST logs Your Computer is locked and ALL DATA IS ENCRYPTED! Contact by Email for DATA recovering. Email: [email protected] Then, we'll provide Unlock-Password and Data Decryption Software to you. WARNING: If you don't contact in 48 hours, then all DATA may be damaged unrecoverably!!! Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_161019-091558.txt
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