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  1. I've done this again. Some of the files I have gotten back but most of them are still not accessible with an adobe icon. Fixlog.txt
  2. Ok, Here are the 3 reports produced from latest scans. Just so you are aware. One of our employees tried to open one of the files with Adobe and now all the crypted files have Adobe icons. scan_161021-180737.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Ok I'm running the scans now. Also all of the files that were encrypted now have an acrobat icon on the file icons.
  4. OK, I think this is what you need. AdwCleanerC0.txt fixlist.txt JRT.txt
  5. I think I've done this correctly. File attached. Fixlog.txt
  6. Hi, This is also the notice I got. ATTENTION! All your documents, photos, databases and other important personal files were encrypted using strong RSA-1024 algorithm with a unique key. To restore your files you have to pay 0.41581 BTC (bitcoins). Please follow this manual: 1. Create Bitcoin wallet here: https://blockchain.info/wallet/new 2. Buy 0.41581 BTC with cash, using search here: https://localbitcoins.com/buy_bitcoins 3. Send 0.41581 BTC to this Bitcoin address: 1zHRdFRr5Zt2xk1WGcqkj5jp2EW5xj7hU 4. Open one of the following links in your browser to download decryptor: http://monasilverjewels.com/counter/?a=1zHRdFRr5Zt2xk1WGcqkj5jp2EW5xj7hU http://www.comforthome.be/counter/?a=1zHRdFRr5Zt2xk1WGcqkj5jp2EW5xj7hU http://liver.org.tw/counter/?a=1zHRdFRr5Zt2xk1WGcqkj5jp2EW5xj7hU http://test-spg.standartplastik.ru/counter/?a=1zHRdFRr5Zt2xk1WGcqkj5jp2EW5xj7hU http://bap.com.tr/counter/?a=1zHRdFRr5Zt2xk1WGcqkj5jp2EW5xj7hU 5. Run decryptor to restore your files. PLEASE REMEMBER: - If you do not pay in 3 days YOU LOOSE ALL YOUR FILES. - Nobody can help you except us. - It`s useless to reinstall Windows, update antivirus software, etc. - Your files can be decrypted only after you make payment. - You can find this manual on your desktop (DECRYPT.txt).
  7. Hey, I've run all scans that I needed to and they're attached. All files on all accounts on computer are encrypted. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_161019-185539.txt