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  1. KEVIN ZOLL PLEASE HELP ME. many of my important files have "CRYPTED File" next to them when I go to my files and a new icon has popped up on my desktop saying "DECRYPT" and when I open it, it says " ATTENTION! All your documents, photos, databases and other important personal files were encrypted using strong RSA-1024 algorithm with a unique key. To restore your files you have to pay 0.23174 BTC (bitcoins). Please follow this manual: 1. Create Bitcoin wallet here: 2. Buy 0.23174 BTC with cash, using search here: 3. Send 0.23174 BTC to this Bitcoin address: 1GtNyp3pHGqZZjDvSu63aNgTr2h5aKFyq 4. Open one of the following links in your browser to download decryptor: 5. Run decryptor to restore your files. PLEASE REMEMBER: - If you do not pay in 3 days YOU LOOSE ALL YOUR FILES. - Nobody can help you except us. - It`s useless to reinstall Windows, update antivirus software, etc. - Your files can be decrypted only after you make payment. - You can find this manual on your desktop (DECRYPT.txt). " I desperately need access to this files, this is everything I need to make money. Literally my family's livelihood is riding on these documents. Someone please help me fix this. so I downloaded the nemucod thing and it says I have to drag the encrypted file and its unencrypted counterpart but I don't see any unencrypted files, they all say encrypted