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  1. ok, thank you very much. I'll keep on the lookout
  2. kevin, sorry to start a new topic but I Was unable to continue posting to the one I send on 10/28 regarding my windows 2008 server being infected with the .globe ransomeware. to follow up (and I already sent he txt files you needed) and it was the globe that I had. you gave me the instructions to decrypt. I tried both the globe and globe2 and the message at the end said something about that it was unable to encypt after a brunt force . I was really hoping that the globe infected was able to be decrypted. there is some data that I really need to restore (no backups -
  3. thank you very much for your time and your reply. My question is, and it may sound silly, but how do I use that decryption tool? it says you need a copy of the encrypted and un-encrypted file. problem is - i dont have an un-encrypted version. they are all encrypted? If I may ask, how do I use the tool? do I drop files into it? I dont understand how to use it. thank you again
  4. support, Pretty sure my server was hit with the .globe encryption malware. all files have a .globe extension and I had the warning screen etc.. ive run the emergency kit and frst programs and am posting those results. my issue is I dont know the steps on how to decrypt. i downloaded the decyption tool but must be doing something wrong. can you please verify and just let me know the steps to take to get the data back. there is no backup. thank you frst scan.txt FRST.txt scan_161027-113731.txt Addition.txt
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