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  1. Hi. This is the first version of EIS I have had. I have Version 12, so I can't answer that. I came from Norton which had the ability to skip files that had already been scanned, if there were no changes. I don't see that option in EIS as I said in my original post. Is that option still available ?
  2. Same here. On V Today after product update and restart, I got the message re EIS and Defender being off. Nothing in Event Viewer, either. Tray icon displaying as normal and protection seemingly active, according to System Security and Maintenance in Control Panel. Maybe a Windows glitch ?
  3. Hi. I have EIS v in Win10 v 1607.14393.351, and I seem to be missing the option in Performance Settings for Use advanced caching - Allows intelligent self-optimization of scans on a continual basis by avoiding the need to re-examine known safe files if their contents remained unchanged.A Custom Scan took an hour, so is there an option for EIS to only scan files that have been changed/modified ? Thanks in advance, Geoff K
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