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  1. I have just received a long message from Emsisoft regarding the evils of PUPs. Am I protected from PUPs by my membership of Emsisoft?
  2. I just received an Email with information referred to as, "How to Perform Manual Ransomware Removal". Does not my Emsisoft cover protect me from Ransomware threats?
  3. I was not present so my wife took a call telephone number 01268795768 A man said something like, "Your Broadband will be cut in 24 hours because your IP had been compromised. I attempted to take the call but all I got was music. Can anyone please let me know what this is.
  4. I'm just in the process of tidying up my Email and found an article on Fileless malware from Emsisoft. I recognise that this question may have come before but if it was I missed it so my question is. Does my Emsisoft protect me against it?
  5. I did receive an Email on this subject but regrettably lost it and I would still like to dump Bing and use Google as I used to. Any advice would be welcome.
  6. I have no idea how Bing got onto my computer but I resent the imposition so could someone please advise me how to dump it. Many thanks.
  7. Is that the sort of message that you would open?
  8. I think that its relevant because I use Emsisoft as an antivirus. It might well be a phishing email but experience has taught me that such emails can lead to a problem.
  9. I've just received an Email with the title, We found damaged files" supposed from the one word title, "Support" . I thought that it looked dodgy.
  10. Many thanks for your reply. Regrettably my level of technical expertise and computer confidence does not allow me to follow your instructions so I will wait for a visit from my son to assist me. Perhaps he will help me find if it is possible to switch on an automatic Email reply for questions on the forum.
  11. I have just returned from a week away an switched my computer on and a message came up saying that my Emsisoft and Windows Defender were switched off Could you say how this could happen and how I can stop it?