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  1. I'm plagued by SPAM and yesterday spent a considerable sum of money with a computer person who attempted to block it yet this morning I found that it still carries on much of it appearing to be two major players in the anti virus anti malware market. Do I have to change my email provider, change my email address, my broadband supplier or what?
  2. Many thanks for the information which I will take a copy of and keep on my Desktop untill I think I have understood it.
  3. I read on the Internet that Scam email is asking BT customers to log in to what appears to be a communication from BT to view their pending bill. Upon which they find that the password is rejected and they lose the ability to send and receive Emails. This puts people at a considerable inconvenience in having to obtain a new password from BT. This the ultra-incompetent BT will only send by Pony Express so it takes days. The experience has created a situation where I will be telling BT to revert to paper accounts which of course, generous folk that they are they will charge me for and bad tempered person that I am will tell BT to stuff whatever services I currently receive from them even if the alternative is inconvenient because I am so annoyed. However, I have one question which I’m sure will expose my lack of computer skills which is, “Why is Emsisoft not capable of blocking this scam and if they are not able to then just what can one do? Obviously, I will have to wait until my new password comes from BT before I will be able to read any answers the forum might send.
  4. I have just received a long message from Emsisoft regarding the evils of PUPs. Am I protected from PUPs by my membership of Emsisoft?
  5. I just received an Email with information referred to as, "How to Perform Manual Ransomware Removal". Does not my Emsisoft cover protect me from Ransomware threats?
  6. I was not present so my wife took a call telephone number 01268795768 A man said something like, "Your Broadband will be cut in 24 hours because your IP had been compromised. I attempted to take the call but all I got was music. Can anyone please let me know what this is.
  7. I'm just in the process of tidying up my Email and found an article on Fileless malware from Emsisoft. I recognise that this question may have come before but if it was I missed it so my question is. Does my Emsisoft protect me against it?
  8. I did receive an Email on this subject but regrettably lost it and I would still like to dump Bing and use Google as I used to. Any advice would be welcome.
  9. I have no idea how Bing got onto my computer but I resent the imposition so could someone please advise me how to dump it. Many thanks.
  10. Is that the sort of message that you would open?
  11. I think that its relevant because I use Emsisoft as an antivirus. It might well be a phishing email but experience has taught me that such emails can lead to a problem.
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