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  1. I am having the same problem. Newest version of EIS doesn't help I tried Emsisoft_Diagnostic Without program installed tracert for all 3 tests is completed within 8-13 hops. However with EIS "installed" it can't reach any of 3 servers (Request timed out, Destination net unreachable). My event log tells me error 1075 Emsisoft Protection Service cannot be launched and something about fwndis_lwf Can I receive link to version 11 until they fix 12th? Update: problem solved. I received version 11 and installed it offline. Then upgraded it to v12 online. Then unistalled it, rebooted and installed v12 online. What was impossible before now works just fine. It looks like installing offline OR installing version 11 fixed something in my system and now it is possible for me to install v12 with active internet connection without any problems. You should check v12 installer as it might be buggier than v11.