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  1. Did an analysis and its the Dharma virus. It even renamed the local copy of the backups I was keeping, but not the cloud version. So no fix for this as of yet? Best Marc
  2. Please see print screen on server when I login.
  3. This malware has renamed everything including IE and Chrome such that they cannot be launched. Any other ides on how to upload samples?
  4. Thanks, are you looking for the results of this to analyze or does this tool actually remove the malware from a potentially infected pc? This has gone through and infected 1000's of files on my file server. There is no fix for this as of yet correct?
  5. I understand there is no fix currently for the wallet malware correct? Can you please advise if there is anything that needs to be run on the pc's to see if the malware is still present on the machine?
  6. Kevin, the txt file popup message is gone. Thank you and see attached file. Is it safe to assume that my server is randomware free? Best Marc Fixlog.txt
  7. Kevin, please find attached file. The C:\read_me!.txt issue still persists. Best Marc Fixlog.txt
  8. Fixlist is attached. When logging on the server it still tries to open a readme.txt file each time. I cant seem to fix that? Error print screen is above in an earlier thread. Thanks Kevin Best Marc Fixlog.txt
  9. Kevin, please see attached results. Thanks! Marc Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Please find attached eek files. Every time I run the FRST file it states that it found an update and keeps getting stuck in a loop. Any ideas? I also still have that text file launching upon startup. Thanks Kevin scan_161104-063837.txt
  11. Hi Kevin, hope you are well. I wanted to see if you had a chance to look at my fixlog.txt and that Im getting a text file trying to open when I logon the server? Thanks for all your help. Marc
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