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  1. @Blue22 I already answered you in this topic:
  2. Did you submit it to ID Ransomware? It would have identified it as Dharma already, which is not decryptable without paying the criminals. They typically hack RDP, which should never be exposed to the internet without a VPN.
  3. Thanks @Amigo-A, seems another one I missed updates on. I've added the extensions to ID Ransomware now.
  4. @Issam You already sent this info to me in PM and I archived it.
  5. @PaulV I'm afraid the decrypter is correct, we don't seem to have your key at this time. Keep a look out in the news for if we update the decrypter.
  6. Can you please help decrypt my files

    Connection Name Network Adapter Physical Address    Transport Name                                            
    =============== =============== =================== ==========================================================
    Local Area Conn Qualcomm Athero 10-BF-48-B9-C3-81   \Device\Tcpip_{06692E91-CDCA-460F-AABC-24381B901467}      


    My footprint


    Ethernet        Realtek PCIe FE 74-E6-E2-30-D1-B7   Media disconnected                                       
    Wi-Fi           Broadcom 802.11 10-08-B1-CC-67-5D   \Device\Tcpip_{6D930E6D-D860-403B-8393-6A40BA134970}     
    Bluetooth Netwo Bluetooth Devic 10-08-B1-CC-67-5E   Media disconnected                                       


  8. Sir, I need help I want to decrypt my file encrypted by .kiratos. I already given my mac address

  9. Please follow the instructions in the BleepingComputer support topic to give me all of the MAC addresses of the infected PC.
  10. Just give me the ID in the ransom note... It's all in the FAQ. The MAC addresses you gave me are fine.
  11. Read the FAQ... The MAC address has nothing to do with Macintosh. Time is crucial here, follow the instructions quickly.
  12. I actually really still need the malware, if you can provide that please.