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  1. Here are the new logs from the EEK and FRST scans FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_161121-011609.txt
  2. Hello, After running for the first time Kaspersky Security Scan on a fresh windows 8.1 install, it found 6 trojans in the module folder of my ESET Antivirus protection.. I did also run TDSS Killer prior to that scan and it found a medium risk infection in the AMD Fuel folder. I am quite surprised by this, as I run everything up to date and do not visit shady websites. A full EEK scan did not find anything. I will attach a FRST log, the log from TDSS and a KSS screenshot. Are those false positives or is the system really infected? Thank you for your help in advance! FRST.txt TDSSKiller.3
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