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  1. So I assume what you have done is add each of the programs you have already scanned to the exclusion list? With jpg's as an example wouldn't it be possible to exclude all already-scanned photos? If not, perhaps I would add all jpg's to a "NEW" folder then, once scanned, move them to the regular excluded folder? Just trying to figure out the best way(s) to reduce scanning time and power, without sacrificing safety. ;-D So do I understand correctly that by adding an asterisk like *.jpg there will never be any real time scanning of jpgs when I download them? Given that a post above says jpgs can be malicious, is it wise to remove them from real time protection? I'm just learning about this so I am asking this because I really do not know the answer, not to be snarky. ;-D
  2. Thanks much for the info, especially the screen shot. All the replies are much appreciated!
  3. Hi, I have a lot of jpg's and am wondering if it's safe to make an exclusion not to scan them? What things do the experts here exclude from scanning, if any? Is it possible in Emsisoft to excluse entire folders (such as Photos) which could be just scanned once then not scanned again? Or for example I have a folder full of wordpress apps and etc which are zip folders - no need to scan those every time... as they are many and must take a long time to scan... Thanks. p.s. If there is a page about this somewhere and you know of it feel free to link to it, assuming that's not against TOS.
  4. Hi, Thanks. Meanwhile I had a couple other issues so opened a ticket and was helped.
  5. I am new to Emsisoft (1 mo trial basis) and I have a coupla questions. using Internet Security. At times recently since adding EMSI internet security I have found my internet to not work or be super slow. Could be my connection but I don't think so. Is it possible there is some setting in the antimalware by Emsisoft that is causing my slow or non-working internet? Also I have found what I think are false positives in my behavior blocking list. I have white listed them but I wonder if I should have. Prish Resizer is a long time jpg resizer that I've used for years and I don't THINK it needs to be blocked. ruby.exe is part of Private internet Access VPN and I've been using it for a year or two with no problems that I know of. But how does one know if something like this is indeed bad or not, when Emsisoft says it is and wants to block it? Here is a jpg of the behavior blocker panel (attached) I also had Emsisoft behavior blocker cause my computer to freeze up on start and I had to restart in safe mode because when I restarted without safe mode it froze again. Realtime protection was not respondiing. I uninstalled and reinstalled Emsisoft and that seems to have fixed it. Is this a known problem and what causes it? Jpg of this attached as well.