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  1. Kevin I have got, from the original attacker and the guy on the forums unencypted files back so they are 'unencyptable' ...the Alnamrood decrypter has a good go and if fact produces a positive result...however although the file is 'processed' the resulting file cannot be opened and is still encypted. I assume that the key (958a6ca2GB) is incorrect. I have tried many combination of the key in the options box to no avail. (have tried different numbers of digits etc)
  2. attached files as requestedFRST.txtscan_161129-193605.txt
  3. hi was contacted in a private message by someone called lukasz90 he or she said that they had had the same attack and paid 3 BTC for the decryption I said if they helped me I would pay 1BTC I sent a few files and they were successfully decrypted with the key in the ransom note...however when I said can I have the decryption program....the conversation was abruptly ended...scam? however the program exists to decrypt my server and I need to find out what 'brand' of encryption was used.....have tried most of the available tools and alnamrood seems to be the closest the code in the ransom note is Your ID: 958A6CA2GB I can send an encypted file to anyone that might be able to help yes you guessed it recent backup... help anyone?
  4. Got hit by this last week...think it was an RDP attack...all files encypted to still boots , just about message added to files .. Hello. Bad news! All your files was encrypted with strong algorithm AES256 and unique key. To recover all files you need to get special decryption software and personal key. You can contact me via email: [email protected] You can contact me via email: [email protected] Your ID: 95******* Please use public mail service like gmail or yahoo to contact me, because your messages can be not delivered. You have a 72 hours to contact me, otherwise recovering may be harder for you. Regards, Kevin Robinson. Any body else had this, any decryption software...tried Trend+ Kaspersky tools no joy help