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  1. Thanks very much guys for all your help carolyne
  2. hello you'll find all the attached logs.The computer seems to be running ok. thank you all for your help
  3. Hi I've done what you requested but it looks as though the trojans are gone..i had problems with the letter 's' that it kept repeating itself everywhere and programs starting with the letter s opening on their own, but this hasn't happened for awhile. thank you
  4. hello ok sorry so I've messed everything up a bit. I think winar is gone. Is there any hope for me? I don't wanna waste your time. shall i start from beginning
  5. Hello I got rid of the files stated above or at least I think so,also done a up to date scan with report attached
  6. Hello I reran a-sqaured with up to date update you'll find the scan attached I'm in france with my computer dose this make a difference with ISeeYou?
  7. how can I know which software is pirated as I am not the one that set up my computer?...do I have to contact the seller or can i find this out by searching in my files....Sorry I am not a real computer wizard..
  8. ~WHOLE QUOTATION REMOVED {Lynx} OK so now i ran a-squared that's ok but ISeeYou didn't leave a log on my desktop so I done a search and added the logs that I found..I don't know if that is ok. I've also added the HiJackFree log. regards oceane2020
  9. hello I scanned my computer with a sqaured free and found malware that can't be deleted. Following instructions i was directed to this site. I started at the "START HERE" point and followed instructions and should post the following logs: a-squared and win32kDiag. Thank you for your help oceane2020
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