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  1. I hope you will keep the goal of creating a native x64 hips with OA V6 premium as suggested by Fabian. That said, it's a shame to kill OA ++, which was enough for me alone as good protection!
  2. Hi, here a quick test of EAM 6 beta: http://www.youtube.com/languy99#p/u/0/rxmj2DE-J30 It's made by a mod of Comodo Group Forum. Nice result. What do you think about this quick test? Bye
  3. Hi, this beta seems to works fine on my w7 x64. The good: - OS startup seems to be more faster (i really like that!) - browsing inside OA++ GUI is really fast and reactive now (far better than before) - my OS seems to be more reactive the truth - despite the new options, i have millions of pop-ups when i execute Wimamp (thanks to OASIS where wimamp.exe is unknow) and SUPER (erightsoft)... like before Finally it's only a step in the right direction for me. Thanks
  4. Hi, Banking mode still not working for me. I have tried with opera and IE8 in trusted and protected mode. I can't access to virtual keyboard that provide my bank. Regards PS. i'll try to pm you a screenshot.
  5. The detection rate is very good, that's nice. I use OA++ with A2/Ikarus engine on execution and i don't remember have single one FP of this product on my computer, maybe because it have OASIS Cloud whitelist? I found many more FP with Panda Cloud (the "winner" in this category IMO).
  6. Just a question: OA++ V5 will be available with OA++ V4.5 auto-update or a clean install will be required?
  7. No lol sorry my mistake, I means D-10 (in my country, days = jours [fr] = J) But i hope that V5 will be as strong as your J-10
  8. Hi Cloutz, Yes, the difference is caused by patchguard v3 on x64 systems that forbid security vendors (and of courses hackers) to uses the sames techniques comparate with 32bits OS. But i have read that OA x64 offers near the same level of protection as x86, and i don't known if it is stronger comparate with CIS (maybe yes? beacause they have worked a lot of time on x64 version). Regards
  9. V5 for March 2011!! Happy to read that! Thank you. V5 will may be reach 100% or near, like CIS or OSSS on Matousec leaktest (if they try it and if this tests are usefull....)?
  10. Gentlemen, thanks for replies . So I'm not alone to have some troubles or curious behavior with banking mode... V5 is planned for Q4 2011, isn't it? so i can think that V6 is planned for Q4 2012 when "Windows 8" may be in the wild or near to be. Good luck for development and I hope V5 and next versions will offer, like today, the best weapons to deal with futures nasty malwares. Have a nice day
  11. I really love OA++ i feel it so strong even if i don't feel it yet perfect Here my own 2 cents wish-list for 'OA +++' V5 or V6: - Totally cloud AV signature (i like not AV update since i have tried benefits of Cloud AV) - Improvement of Oasis white-list (more reactive and better; many legitimate PE are today marked as unknown (like windows mail !! for exemple)) - Improvement of website list (same) and added a complete web-shield (i had now many FP about dangerous web pages with legitimate www....) - Automated (and working!!!) banking mode (no user interaction) - OA++ manage extension of IE: it's Ok for 50% market share; what's about Mozilla, Chrome and Opera?? - Maybe a "host" shield extended and mixed with browser protection - Optional : The Run Safer "completed" (maybe something like Geswall) or an automatic sandbox (Goal= less pop ups, more user friendly) Finally, thanks a lot for hour work on x64 and that's all for now
  12. Hi, 1/ I allow only the samples to run and create .exe, i block only suspicious actions flagged by OA as red pop up (direct access disk, etc) 2/ After that i check the network properties and see that a local proxy was added silently without an OA hips alert (possibly by tweaking reg key) So my question is: OA HIPS can alert when a soft is adding a local proxy or not???
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