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  1. Well, I can see that most of those AVs can actually detect and block this FnSpy malware, but what is really scary is what is shown and posted on the link I gave above to actually hide FinSpy trojans from all AVs, including Emsisoft. How to fight against such powerful enemy?
  2. Hi, GT500, big thank you for the answer, but regarding FinSpy trojan, you might want to see this, I posted here on Emsisoft forums: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/26154-can-anyone-please-comment-this/
  3. http://lqdc.github.io/making-finfisher-undetectable.html Looks like that all AVs can now detect and block Finspy Trojan, unless you modify Finspy trojan to completely hide it from all AVs/AMs (AMs=antimalwares).
  4. Hi, GT500, thank for your reply. yes, but can you tell me what exactly happens with this FinSpy trojan? I somehow don't believe that Kaspersky and BiTdefender cannot detect this Finspy trojan, so it's obvious they had to work with governement-obviously, this is why I have my respect for Emsisoft, I just hope it will not interfere with my games that need to upgrade from week to week-maybe here Emsisoft could say that it found malware and block it, but it doesn't have anything with malware at all, it's simply upgrading the game, I'm doing this for 2 years already, one such game is Star Wars: The
  5. First of all, hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, however you might know under the same name on Wilders security forums, what I wanted to ask you is the following: next year I'm willing to try out Emsisoft Antimalware, but I have to say that I'm in great doubt what should I choose between BitDefender or Emsisoft-the final verdict, perhaps could end up here: http://blog.emsisoft.com/2015/07/27/leaked-files-from-state-sponsored-hackers-reveal-which-protection-their-trojans-cant-get-past/ To be honest, I was vastly disappointed by BitDefender here, still I don't understand how exactly
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