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  1. Well, I can see that most of those AVs can actually detect and block this FnSpy malware, but what is really scary is what is shown and posted on the link I gave above to actually hide FinSpy trojans from all AVs, including Emsisoft. How to fight against such powerful enemy?
  2. Hi, GT500, big thank you for the answer, but regarding FinSpy trojan, you might want to see this, I posted here on Emsisoft forums:
  3. Looks like that all AVs can now detect and block Finspy Trojan, unless you modify Finspy trojan to completely hide it from all AVs/AMs (AMs=antimalwares).
  4. Siketa, it's always nice to see everyhwere, big thanks for your help in advance.
  5. Hi, GT500, thank for your reply. yes, but can you tell me what exactly happens with this FinSpy trojan? I somehow don't believe that Kaspersky and BiTdefender cannot detect this Finspy trojan, so it's obvious they had to work with governement-obviously, this is why I have my respect for Emsisoft, I just hope it will not interfere with my games that need to upgrade from week to week-maybe here Emsisoft could say that it found malware and block it, but it doesn't have anything with malware at all, it's simply upgrading the game, I'm doing this for 2 years already, one such game is Star Wars: The old republic. I can see that most other companies use cloud for updating and upgrading I know that Emsisoft's approach is different, but I don't know how exactly it is doing it? Emsisoft leaders said that they don't want cloud because of the privacy concerns as far as I'm aware of. However I've heard that Emsisoft has excellent behaviour blocker. Thank you for your time and patience, but I have to admit, I don't know what it means mnoth and year that you need to fill in when you click the card payment on the link? Also, I hope you will be around here, when I decide to buy license for Emsisoft, I will first post here on the forum to let you know that I will buy the license (so that you know it's me that is buying the license, is that ok, GT500?
  6. First of all, hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, however you might know under the same name on Wilders security forums, what I wanted to ask you is the following: next year I'm willing to try out Emsisoft Antimalware, but I have to say that I'm in great doubt what should I choose between BitDefender or Emsisoft-the final verdict, perhaps could end up here: To be honest, I was vastly disappointed by BitDefender here, still I don't understand how exactly did Emsisoft was able to detect and warn about this Finspy full Trojan and BitDefender didn't-I thought they both have very powerful behaviour blockers. where is the catch, here? I truly don't understand why there are differences in detecting finspy hacking team trojan, if I think that Both BitDefender and Emsisoft are similar in protection levels over all forms of malware. But there is one more thing that Emsisoft has huge advantage over BitDefender and that's privacy. Like I said I will try Emsisoft antimalware after the new year (most likely it will take several months at least, since I'm quite busy), to see how it works on my Windows 10 64-bit system (fully upgraded/updated), but I wanted to ask you how am I suppose to pay the license? I saw that it needs either Visa, Mastercard or American Express, unfortunately none has ever told me this until I checked it out on my own, I have maestro card, and I have to make another credit card, most likely it will be Mastercard-but here is the catch, I have never payed anything on the net, and how exactly should I pay with credit card should I simply go on the net? You see I don't trust anything on the internet even if it's Emsisoft's website, because of the fact I've been the victim of hackers in the past (however, I never payed anything on the net, always with cash), and because of the very, very bad experience with hackers attacking me, I'm so scared to go on Emsisoft's website and give my credit card number-of course it all depends on my experience with EAM since on the computer I have 2 games Star Wars: The old republic and Mass Effect, you see Star Wars is a game that upgrades itself every week or every 2 weeks how would I know if Emsisoft recognizes it as malware? I have to first try out the very 30 days of trial period, but if I choose Emsisoft, I will have to contact Fabian or anyone else from Emsisoft to ask him how to pay with credict card and where on what website? Jeez, I truly have a fobia when it comes to hackers. Most likely I will install VoodooShield and HitmanPro.Alert with it, hopefully they are fully compatible. Sorry, for being such a coward, but that's because of truly horrendous experience with hackers in the past. Big thank you for your time and patience.