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  1. Trying to upload FRST.txt and Addition.txt to this post on a different machine reveals an error message "Upload skipped (Error403)" Please advise.
  2. Hello! I seem to have contracted a variant of the Numecod ransomware (As identified by Ransomware ID). I downloaded the decrypter tool and dropped two identical filed (One .crypted and the other not) onto the tool - but the decrypter gave the error message in the attached screenshot. I am attaching the EEK, FRST, and Addition logs. This malware had ".crypted" a ton of files on this YMCA machine compromising TONS of important membership files. PLEASE HELP! Scan_161203-105043.txt EDIT: FOR SOME REASON THE POST UPLOAD TOOL WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO ATTACH FRST.txt or Addition.txt -
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