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  1. Thank you very much Kevin for your suggestions. I will follow them. You can close this topic now. I really appreciate your help. Sincerely, -Ted
  2. Hi Kevin, Thank you for the link to RakhniDecryptor. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be for me since my encrypted files don't have their extensions changed. I will take a closer look before running it. Also thank you for the suggestion on VeraCrypt. I have downloaded and copy my files from TrueCrypt to VeraCrypt now. I have a general question for you. I use an external USB hard drive to back up my files. But it seems even backing file to external drive is vulnerable to malware/ransomware. What would you suggest as a better back up solution? If I use Google drive and s
  3. Hi Kevin, thank you very much for analyzing my logs! I have a few questions: 1) I downloaded the PCLock decryptor and it says my PC doesn't appear to be infected, and exited the program. Is this due to the fact that malware has been removed? Or is it because my PC was encrypted by a different kind of malware? 2) How do I know for sure which malware encrypted my files? 3) do you have a recommendation for TrueCrypt replacement? Thank you very much! -ted
  4. Hello Kevin, Thank you very much for getting back to me. I ran again EEK and FRST per your instructions. Please find the attached logs. Again, thank you! -Ted Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_161208-195856.txt
  5. Sorry I have to open another thread because I couldn't find a way to post my scan results to this thread: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/26155-another-pclock-victim/ I followed Kevin's suggestions and attached is the log. Thank you very much for your help! -Ted Fixlog.txt
  6. Dear Sir I've just discovered I am another victim of the PCLock ransomware. I am attaching the scanned reports. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance! -Ted EEK_Scan_161130-210845.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_161130-210733.txt Your files are locked !!!!!.txt
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