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  1. Hey Kevin, You're a life saver! I really appreciate all your help words can't describe. Your txt file worked and the nemucod software worked after I was able to find a copy of an original file in my email. Thank Again. Happy Holidays.
  2. Okay thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help. I will try this out and see how it goes. As for the Nemucod tool, I believe it wanted a shadow copy of the original file, but unfortunately I never created any kind of backup of this computer.
  3. Will this just clean off the viruses? Or will this unlock the crypted files as well?
  4. Hey Kevin, Thanks for your help. I hope I did this correctly. Here are the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_161207-133748.txt
  5. I just saw the "start page" Highlighted in Pink. I will start there.
  6. Hello, My files are currently locked by ransomware. .crypted / nemecod The start of it all was from trojan:win32/Kovter!rfn virus. I have no shadow copies of the files. How would I go about decrypting my files? Thanks in advance on any support or tips. Also, I was just left with a decrypt.txt file on my desktop.
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